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  1. I'll try again later Norm, don't worry.
  2. While you're doing that you should listen to episode 94 of Hollywood Handbook. It's really funny.
  3. It was 11:20PM my local time. Pretty late to be posting! Have you guys seen The Gift Official Trailer #1 (2015) - Jason Bateman, Joel Edgerton Drama HD? If you haven't or just need a reminder here it is. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I3IiZU9JBuE&feature=youtu.be Is it supposed to be scary eg the music and scary lines like "They used to call him 'Gordo the weirdo' '" Or is it supposed to be funny and we laugh along with America's #1 funnyman Jason Batman? Either way I hope they find out what "bygones be bygones" means.
  4. robotam


    I already own a t-shirt but I could buy one so I have a spare.
  5. They should change the name of that game to "That's Really Interesting" because some of those stories were really interesting!
  6. robotam

    EPISODE 92 — Fans, Our Close Fans

    There was a cafe that opened in Belfast at the start of this year that only did crisp sandwiches. After a month or so they decided to also serve stew. They shut down after another couple of months. They wrote puns that didn't actually work on a chalkboard outside of the cafe. I never visited. This is the end of my story. If you would like to hear more stories click the "I like this" button.
  7. robotam

    EPISODE 92 — Fans, Our Close Fans

    This episode was short, but funny and the people all good. So while I didn't like the shortness, I did like the funnyness and the people.
  8. Yeah, I agree about the food. (I've decided to get more involved with the conversations! )
  9. The peepshow story was very funny! I like this show.
  10. Lapkus said speak on that
  11. I'm an instant coffee drinker. Give me a coffee and I'll drink it in an instant !!
  12. It has the henchmen from Despicable Me!
  13. robotam

    EPISODE 361 — Waiting for Infinnerty

    shit ep. nah, it was brilliant.
  14. I woke up and found these notes on my phone. Ep 8 notes azi loo Merchants Thought trl stood for the real world Airplane Hayes Funny Damien funny Sean funny (eg starbucks) htub bath basement science!! "Dish" engineer frank !! Peado stuff (My own joke: Quackwaducks) susan boyle more peado stuff pcorn grally hayes everyone trophy, says FUCK movie likefacebook pro version; headphone cord Chanson proversion sing bat out of hell touching tribute to engineer franks.
  15. They talked about Amazon shows and now they are about to "Draw the Blinds UP!" I'll turn off computer now, (I',m listening to thesshow on my phone! ) Report back in morning !
  16. I'm about to listen to episode 8 of h'wood Hbook and then go to sleep. I listened to ep 7 last night and it was funny! Night night!
  17. Wait 'till we get to the next page my friend. Hint ---> ( . )( . ) #SayYesToPageThree
  18. When Sean asked what Tom's partner's last name was, for a second I thought he was going to pitch the idea of "eggs and wurstershire sauce" podcast. I guess that's why I'm not the comedian, because that would have been shit !
  19. robotam

    EPISODE 360 — Snow Dome

    I really thought we were going to get the return of 5-4-3-Nose-1. Apart from that good, very special ep. Also episode 360 huh? I wonder if Fitch ever did a 360 spin on his skateboard!
  20. The boys in blue have asked me to add in an annotation describing the legal problems that I am now in. I have been told to post the following statement. "Using other people's gifs without permission is never ok. I am a bad man for doing it." It's sad really, I thought my 69th post would be one for celebrating and having a few giggles, but here it is, dealing with important legal issues. I have only myself to blame.
  21. Just incase it wasn't a joke. Here's my tribute to the lovable Comedy Cids. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zw_vvnKV158