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  1. Just today I made a video trying to #SaveHannibal.TVShow. Will I have to do the same for Hwood Hbook!? Tells us S or H, #please. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OqCy4GQsCvw
  2. ... and the body of a Greek Goddess. EDIT: When I posted this I thought Dixon's post was the last one.
  3. I know not everybody likes it when there's a musical guest. But surely we can all agree that Taylor Swift killed it this episode!
  4. Normally I either listen to this at home, where I can laugh freely, or on the bus where I have this technique where I rest my elbow on the window sill and cover my face with my mouth and no one can see my giggles. But today I desperately needed new trousers, so I listened to this episode while browsing through the trouser shop. Bad idea. Two massive laughs and a lot of stifling. I must have looked unusual !
  5. Sorry to interrupt, but I'm drunk and have a hastag Majour Scoup. At 17 minutes 47 seconds of episode 5 of Hollywood handbook Hayes Diveinport describes Mr Beans's body as being trash. What the fuck is going on. Was Hayes jealous back then and doing one of his hastag classic lies?
  6. robotam

    Episode 1 — Drop That Little Bug

    If you liked this you might like the other show they do, callded Hollywood Handbook
  7. Oh, some new Traci backstory. Canonical I hope!
  8. Someone better sneak a recording device into the live podcast. I can't make it to LA and would like to hear what happens.
  9. If Hayes was My Wife* and was gonna get in the shower with me I'd be freak my Bean! *remember like in the other show?
  10. Erin do you ever say "More like Water in" any time you nearly drown? Edit: Just realised this could be seen as a threat. It is not. You believe me, right Erin?
  11. Erin? In the Wild Horses house, who is the resident "CLEAN FREAK" ?
  12. Hey Erin, I saw someone die a few weeks ago, I think about it every now and then and get sad. How do you cheer yourself up? Videogames?
  13. Hello Erin, my name is michael. Do you ever say "More like Air Out" when you fart?
  14. That was a pen mark to remind me to pick up my mum's shopping. I remembered without even looking at the mark! I just listened to the first episode of podcasts are wonderful. It's very good!
  15. Last night I tried to create a little skateboard from bits and pieces around my bedroom, but it kept falling apart (the skateboard not the room). I took this picture along the way, that might remind some of you of a certain body part that some humans have. I then found a Happy Meal car and decided to blatantly copy honlads's video, but with a smaller production budget. [media=''] [/media] Eagle Eyed viewers will notice I misspelt WOLF COOL. But in my defence Wolf should be spelt with an extra 'O' because they like to wear sheeps clothing.
  16. Tony Hawk's Underground Too was the first place I heard the word 'noob' used. I thought this was hilarious and started referring to people as noobs. When I later found out that Bam Margera hadn't come up with a funny way to pronounce nob, and noob was its own word I became very sad. That was my last experience with skating, but this episode has got me back on board (Points?). EDIT: POST NUMBER 50 !!! Wooooooooo.
  17. Happy birthday everyone!
  18. I'm shocked that it did work, it's like the opposite of one of Dandler's crazy inventions!
  19. I know there's a Captain Abed who wants people to call him Ishmell and he's chasing down a whale that may or may not be called Moby Dick. Why's he not want people to know his name? He on the run? Why's he chasing this whale? It murder Abed's wife? Also I thought of a thing like Scott would say on the other show "I've heard of a dog chasing its tail, but A MAN CHASING A WHALE!!?" (This actually seems familiar has he said it before ???)
  20. Remember that bald music man. Imagine him like a BONER. That's a moby dick I wouldn't want to catch!! (Is Moby Dick the whale's name. Maybe I should read it too. You guys want to start a book club?) PS: Good episode I liked when [spoilerS!]everyone laughed and was happy at the end. It made me feel good! 5/5