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  1. robotam

    about to make the jump!

    Don't know. Sorry. Good luck
  2. The boys demonstrate their power. Chef Kevin is present
  3. robotam

    Episode 226 - Tom Scharpling, Our Third Host

    Everyone must have been wearing their "funny scarves"...TIGHTLY because this episode was funny.
  4. robotam

    Pro Version: Teaser Freezer - Slender Man

    A student asked me if I had someone to date for Valentine's day today. "No," I smiled, "I have 300,000." I consider everyone who listens to this as my date and reckon the listenership is around 300,000
  5. robotam

    Episode 225 - Ryan Gaul, Our Close Friend

    The advert for World of Warships made me laugh too much and people were already looking at me because I had all blood over my mouth
  6. robotam

    Episode 224 - Nick Wiger, Our Corny Friend

    Hi Dalton, hi urinalcake. My boss isn't sick anymore and he's looking at me like he wants me to do some work. So I can't stay here and discuss the ep with you. All I'll say is it was good and my boss is walking towards me shaking his fist and screaming something rude
  7. robotam

    Pro Version: My New Friend

    I don't know what that means but it sounds smart I like it
  8. Seems like everyone involved was wearing their "funny hats" because this episode was funny
  9. Looks like the day after Tuesday is going to turn from We-wuh-wuh-sday to We-ding-sday (Wuh-wuh is bad sound and ding is the one when the tick comes up. You can hear these sounds on family fortunes, which is the name of family feuds in the UK. Not sure if family feuds has the same sound effects)
  10. robotam

    Episode 220 - Mary Sasson, Our Close Friend

    Nah mate, piece of piss that was. (Really it took me quite a few tries. Kept fucking up at the part where you [redacted, no spoilers.] Worth it though. Ending was really sweet.)
  11. robotam

    Episode 220 - Mary Sasson, Our Close Friend

    I wonder if they do the joke "We should have had Merry Season on for our Christmas episode." Suppose I should listen and find out.
  12. Funny stuff. They should do this show more often
  13. robotam

    Episode 218 - The Big Holiday Party

    Is Paddy McGuiness in the new Star Wars? Does he say no likey no lightsaber!?! Lol Note: I edited this post. I originally just called Paddy McGuiness a nasty word. (The c word). The first two likes on this post were for the pre-edited version
  14. robotam

    Episode 218 - The Big Holiday Party

    Merry Holidays to all And to all a good podcast! I agree with a lot of this feminist stuff, so I'm loving that we got so many kick-ass babes on this episode.
  15. robotam

    Episode 217 - Listeners, Our Close Friends 4

    Funny. They should get Ders back on. I couldn't call in because I had to wait with my mum for a Chinese meal to arrive.
  16. robotam

    Episode 216 - Meredith Hagner, Our Close Friend

    Really good. They should get Merry on for the next twelve days because of the holidays.
  17. That's not a problem. If anyone else here has a job maybe they could buy an ad for their restaurant or factory.
  18. Good luck to the band. When it comes time for a show, I'll be in the front row wearing a huge smile and a tight t-shirt
  19. Thanks Dalton. This sounds good. I'll be sure to listen and tell you what I think.
  20. Chapman Drew PLEASE buy some more ads.
  21. Good ep. For a laugh, all of us loyal Lapkast fans should subscribe to these guys's podcast and start posting in the Hollywood Handbook section of the forum every week.
  22. robotam

    Episode 213 - Jimmy Pardo, Our Close Friend

    Sorry, no time to explain. New ep of the Lauren Lapkast has the boys on it.
  23. robotam

    Episode 213 - Jimmy Pardo, Our Close Friend

    Yes I did hear that