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  1. robotam

    Episode 213 - Jimmy Pardo, Our Close Friend

    Y'all hear [redacted] can suck his own dick? Cool stuff. Happy Halloween
  2. robotam

    Episode 213 - Jimmy Pardo, Our Close Friend

    Q: WHY ARE THESE GUYS NOT LIKE WOMEN ? A: I LIKE IT WHEN THEY PLAY GAMES This is just a joke. I do like it when women play games I was just going for some LAD humour that I thought some of yous might appreciate. Good episode.
  3. I was never a fan of Tim's comedy and I am delighted that those children were killed to prove me right.
  4. Really good, but its a shame they couldn't get Wengert there too for the full raised by TV experience
  5. robotam

    Episode 211 - Jon Bass, Our Close Friend

    My full review of the ep will get everyone back. Unfortunately I have to postpone it indefinitely.
  6. robotam

    Episode 211 - Jon Bass, Our Close Friend

    I remember that and I like PCG. I've a lot to say about this ep. Will be back with my full review. Sneak peak: It was class.
  7. I really liked this ep. Having a debate about all this SJW stuff might be a fun way to get this forum more active again.
  8. robotam

    Episode 209 - Bryan Safi, Our Close Friend

    Reddit is a bit shite but sometimes people post some nice podcast info there. Speaking of which. Y'all see what's going down on tomorrow's ep of dbs? Should be flipping brilliant.
  9. robotam

    Episode 209 - Bryan Safi, Our Close Friend

    The Leftovers was the best TV show but I respect Sean's decision to end it before it reached the dreaded 300 ep mark. PS: Sean and Hayes really seem like The Orville heads. They should go on my favourite The Orville podcast... Interplanetary Unionisers or whatever that one is called. Lol jk they should go on that one the Miranda and crew do. Anyway, I'm away to get some curry so I probably won't get around to any responses to this post until later on tonight. I love you all (but you're all fucking mad {The Osbourne's reference})
  10. robotam

    Episode 208 - Lou Wilson, Our Close Friend

    Didn't know how to make the skulls. PS: Kevin Bartelt MMA
  11. You should feel honoured.
  12. SNL should now stand for "Sean N Hayes" See this is the type of shite you get when I feel pressured to post. Really enjoyed the EP btw. It sounded like they were smiling when they said "bye" at the end
  13. The band were loving it and so was I! Great ep!
  14. Funny stuff this episode. Was all of that about the boarding school true or were they joking around?
  15. robotam

    Last Show Signed Poster - 1 Left!

    Cheers friend. I ordered this bad boy!
  16. robotam

    Episode 205 - Jessica Chaffin, Our Close Friend

    Yeah, it's a brilliant pod, but when are we getting more Chickn on the Range?
  17. robotam

    Episode 205 - Jessica Chaffin, Our Close Friend

    Good ep. Reminds me of the time I shot a pilot. One less member of the Luftwaffe that day, I tell you what.
  18. robotam

    Episode 204 - Rob Huebel, Our Close Friend

    Good to have The Boys back together, I was afraid we might have been in for some episodes where Hayes and July were in different places.
  19. robotam

    Episode 203 - Lamar Woods, Our Close Friend

    Funny ep. Like that old saying says "Make Hayes while the Sean shines" and Sean was truly shining and Lamar was really making Hayes (ie being funny). PS: I hope Charlie Murphy Brown is just taking a break. Dude deserves it.
  20. Does anyone know roughly how long I'll have to wait until the next ep?
  21. Sorry jocks but this part of the post is only for genius From the latest trailers it looks like Mario has attended Capman university. This portion is for everyone: Great ep. I thought of an "ironically" sexist joke about how if the girls took over they'd have to change the name to "Hollywood Handbag" (I actually first thought of the even worse joke "Hollywood Handboob"). I still have a lot of learning to do and I would like to apologize for the above post. But not the Mario bit. That was really good. In fact, jocks go ahead and read it. In conclusion, this was a funny episode. See you all in my next post! Bye!
  22. Mr Gorbochefkevin tear down this paywall !
  23. I'll post my in-depth spoiler filled review/recap on Wednesday like I do every week. But all I'll say now is great ep. This podcast is truly my favourite piece of movies/TV/pods/swimming/books etc. Thanks.
  24. Guests, This ep is to be released in the morning. Have any of you experienced morning wood?
  25. Nick Kroll, Do people ever mispronounce your name à la "Home Mart"?