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  1. Yeah, there may not be much of us that still post here but we are like the lovely brown sludge left on the bottom of the mug after a nice cup of Nescafé gold instant coffee
  2. Pro version funny too. They really “knocked it out of the park” this week
  3. JULIE KLAUSNER fills in as co-host after the Boys get into a big fight. Also as this is an official thread, I have decided to make the official announcement. For episode 300 they are flying the hosts of The Official The Orville Podcast out to LA and putting them up in a beautiful star hotel. Be sure to send in some popcorn gallery questions for Miranda and the Crew
  4. Here’s to two more weeks!!!
  5. Apparently next episode is going to be the Your Kickstarter Sucks 100th episode and YKS will do the Hollywood Handbook 300th episode some other time
  6. Right well, that’s the best thing ever
  7. robotam

    Reality Show Show

    Tanks but no tanks tank tops
  8. guess i’m not needed anymore
  9. Hey, no offence taken. I think Dalton posts terrific threads. I love him and am his biggest fan. But fuck Dalton, he’s gone now and I am the king (if he’s sick or something I am incredibly sorry)
  10. TOM SCHARPLING makes his grand return to the show. Meanwhile on the forums, robotam starts a thread...
  11. Thanks. But honestly, it feels pretty similar to the threads Dalton makes. I think it’s common for one to imitate their heroes when starting out. Hopefully I’ll be able to develop my own voice and really speak my truth. Even if the show does end before episode 300 (I am willing to bet large sums of money that it will) I will continue to post
  12. Apparently Hayes was going to post this weeks thread also asking for popcorn gallery questions for episode 300. He saw I had already posted it and decided to “knock that idea on the head.” This isn’t confirmed, but there likely won’t even be an episode 300. Sorry everyone
  13. Loads of good episodes in these past couple of years. Keep Going!
  14. Haiku about this episode: Wrong number, Right laugh
  15. robotam

    Episode 290 - James Adomian, Our Close Friend

    They don't outright say it. But I think this episode confirms what we've always suspected about how James gets in the funny zone (time+editing tricks)
  16. robotam

    Episode 289 - Doug Benson, Our Movies Friend

    I don't know what that guy is smoking but I want some!
  17. robotam

    Episode 288 - Tony Hale, Our Close Friend

    Aye, but Russell Brand also says "Cor blimey, I got my Mr nobby caught in me Zippy Whip."
  18. robotam

    Episode 288 - Tony Hale, Our Close Friend

    It’s a shame because I actually think I have a really interesting question that uniquely relates to Tony Hale (how does he get into the funny zone). Shame there was no shoutout for the lunch podcast on pro version.
  19. robotam

    Episode 288 - Tony Hale, Our Close Friend

    Haven't posted in a few weeks. So I'll post my thoughts on all the episodes (including pro version) since my last appearance here. funny
  20. some funny stuff this week.
  21. robotam

    Episode 285 - Martha Kelly, Our Close Friend

    Speaking of that. there’s a part in Daredevil season 2 where Daredevil’s friend and Jessica from true blood are sneaking around Punisher’s old house. It seems abandoned and I think Jessica from True Blood points out a stack of unopened mail. I always thought it would have been funny if Daredevil’s friend turned to her and said “Jesus, I haven’t seen so many letters since I last looked at the alphabet.”
  22. robotam

    Episode 285 - Martha Kelly, Our Close Friend

    I like Martha but I don't think she should replace Tom. 15 Tom eps and 15 Martha eps a year still leaves plenty of weeks for other (worse) guests
  23. robotam

    Episode 284 - Tim Heidecker, Our Close Friend

    Sean's son is starting to get good