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  1. In Halloween 2010 all the kids were going to the party. The person I wanted to kiss told me to make sure I was there IN COSTUME. At that age you would do anything for the one you wanted to kiss*. I had work before the party and when it was time to leave work the door fell off.

    i had to hold the door up so that the alarm didn’t go off, while my coworker looked for a new hinge. It was hours before I left work.**

    Got home, got showered, got dressed in my makeshift matrix gear, got going. When I arrived at the party the person I wanted to kiss had already left and no one else was dressed up. so I drank a lot of vodka and kept doing the matrix bullet-limbo thing. The last matrix movie had come out 7 years prior.


    I don’t think I could have predicted then the way the golden globes turned out this year, so it’s impressive these guys did 


    *Not judging, I would too.

    **It normally was, but this time it was even more hours

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  2. Hello.

    If you liked the .com / .comedy riff on today's pro version, you might want to check out the Mike Lawrence episode. In it there's a hilarious popcorn gallery question that's thematically similar. 

    Best wishes!


    Gonna go paste this over to redit as some of those folks really seem to love the show and might want a few more laughs.

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