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  1. I know most of the people on here have to go to drama school. So I transcribed some really emotional shit that Sean said. Feel free to use it as a monologue.


    This town owes me everything. Straight up. I gave it my whole fucking life. I left my family behind, I left everything. I had a job. I came out here and said "Take me. Anything. I'll do anything. Literally." I was on castit dot biz, I was on fuckin' actor's access. Union, non-union, I don't give a shit. I did background. I gave my whole fuckin life to this town. Because I just wanted to be heard. To be understood. To be seen. I wanted to do something special that I could be remembered for. No vanity in my performance whatsoever. I don't give a shit what I fuckin look like. You know what I care about? Art. touching people's soul and giving my whole life to this town. And it comes from a place of truth. Everything I do is from truth. And maybe just making someone for one second, one person, feel a little less alone. I'm sorry, people hate this podcast. But if one little girl hears this podcast, that's enough for me. Even if she doesn't like it.



    If someone else wants to transcribe Ego's or Hayes's bits you could do a "scene".

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