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    Episode 99 — A View To a Kill: LIVE

    Re Corrections & Omissions: The most laughably implausible part of 'View to a Kill' is when Max Zorin manages to guide a full size blimp down into the hills of Silicon Valley, sneaking up behind a completely unaware Tanya Roberts, and literally plucked her from the earth. This was despite her being warned from afar by Bond and even seeing the airship before she is actually taken. I also loved the movie poster in which Bond is standing in a shooting stance near the peak of one of the Golden Gate Bridge's towers (the artist even took away the handrails), balancing on a cylindrical suspension bridge cable. This feat is even bested by Tanya Roberts behind him who is also balancing on the cable but needs only one foot planted for balance. Her other foot is left dangling in the wind. The image is more laughable with Bond aming his Walther PPK pistol straight ahead while the evil Zorin is hanging out of a blimp behind him, Uzi submachine-gun in hand. Apparently Zorin can sneak up on anyone in that airship. Enjoyed the podcast review. One of y'all's best!