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    Episode 99 — A View To a Kill: LIVE

    Omission You guys briefly mentioned the ridiculous Sharper Image window unlocker credit card thing. I remember when this movie came out that The Sharper Image was doing a cross promotional campaign with this movie selling lots of James Bond style gadgets in their stores. So, it’s not surprising to see this item pop up. But, The Sharper Image isn’t the worst product placement in the movie. That title goes to Michelin Tires. Michelin Tires shows up at least three times in the movie. The first is at the gas station where Tippet gets the Rolls-Royce washed. There is a full-on shot of the Michelin man. Another is during the firetruck sequence where they pass a Michelin Tire store. However, the most egregious is the scene where Bond wakes up inside the sinking Rolls-Royce. What does he do to stay alive? He breathes air from a Michelin tire. That’s right! A Michelin Tire saves James Bond’s life. How’s that for product placement? Also, did you notice that with all the blimps in the movie none were from Goodyear? Not surprising considering Goodyear is Michelin’s main competitor!