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  1. HaleyJRigsby

    Episode 109 - FACE OFF: LIVE!

    I watched this movie, and had the same question/concern for, pretty much, the entire movie. I figured this would be discussed during the episode, but nobody brought it up. Why was Castor Troy trying to kill Sean Archer in the first place? This wasn't addressed in the movie either, which is weird. The movie would have you believe that Castor became Archer's main focus after he killed his son, so why was Castor after him before that? Also, isn't Castor supposed to be an expert at killing people? He isn't shooting from an insane distance, he's nonchalant enough to to be drinking a milkshake (presumably) while he's watching Archer on the carousel, and he sees the fucking son! Now, how on Earth did he actually end up shooting that kid? He saw that the kid was on the other side of Archer! What the hell, Castor Troy, terrorist for hire/evil genius/owner & avid user of guns? I really feel like Travolta did a much better job of acting like Cage, as opposed to Cage trying to act like Travolta. The Cage never stopped being The Cage. I mean, Sean Archer would never makes a face in the mirror like Cage did.
  2. HaleyJRigsby

    EPISODE 108 — Con Air LIVE!

    First of all, I watched a super crappy, slowed down version of this movie on Youtube, so The Cage's terrible southern accent was magnified by about a thousand. But, I just wanted to point out something that was neglected in the show, but I feel like it was very worthy of a mention... THE DEA AGENT'S LICENSE PLATE SAYS "AZZ KIKR". If you go back to when he first drives up to John Cusack, you can see that not only does he have the douchiest car on Earth, but, also, the douchiest license plate on Earth.
  3. HaleyJRigsby

    Showgirls (1995)

    I wish, but I am fairly certain that episode 100 is gonna be Xanadu.
  4. HaleyJRigsby

    Episode 99 — A View To a Kill: LIVE

    I watched this film piece of steaming shit after listening to the podcast, and LOVED EVERY FREAKING SECOND OF IT. With that said, I feel like a big, big thing was neglected... THE GUY THAT WAS CONTROLLING THE FUCKING BRIDGE!!!!! Oh my god! First of all, the way he answered the phone was just priceless. I mean, does anybody actually repeat everything a person says on the phone back to them? Then, there was the way he was reacting to the whole situation. He had such a level of non-interest in what was going on around him, I was kind of jealous. Honestly, I feel like this guy is on the same level of terrible acting as the "OH MY GOOOOOOOODDDDD" guy from Troll 2, and that is a difficult place to get to. Did anybody else love that guy as much as me?