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    Bucky Larson: Born to Be a Star (2011)

    Adam Sandler produces a "comedy" about a buck-toothed, mentally challenged Midwestern hick who makes his way to Hollywood with dreams of becoming a porn star. Not only would we get more Adam Sandler-bashing, but we'd also get some amazing penis jokes from Jason.
  2. TylerFlynn

    Episode 99 โ€” A View To a Kill: LIVE

    Great episode guys, one of the best yet! A few details I noticed: In the scene where Zorin is celebrating his win at the horse race, the extra standing behind him goes in for a handshake and is totally left hanging. During the Eiffel Tower stair-chase sequence, the filmmakers reuse the shot of Bond firing his gun when heโ€™s on different floors. Finally, how did you not mention all of the terrible rear projection effects? I know that a lot of the Bond films use this effect, but the fact that elderly Roger Moore didnโ€™t do any of his stunts makes its cheesiness stand out that much more. Keep up the great work!