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    EPISODE 111 — Hercules in New York: LIVE!

    OMISSION! I just have to say when that reviewer says that he would pay 300 Yen to watch that hot dog vendor scene he means to pay $2.41 in today's conversion. Not a whole lot and not sure how much it would have been in 2003 (when the review was written) so I guess that means the review doesn't value this movie a whole lot...
  2. turboknoxville

    EPISODE 110 — The Island of Dr. Moreau

    They blew me away by saying that Ron Pearlman was the goat man. I really though he was main hyena that pulled the chip out. I could have sworn they called that hyena "Sayer of the Truth" once. This Movie had no continuity and felt like a patchwork of a movie.
  3. turboknoxville

    Episode 100 — Junior

    I have not listened to this episode yet, but was ecstatic about this movie. I had listened to the mini episode at work that Monday morning and then my wife had called me that afternoon stating that her doctor was going to induce labor for our first daughter. She was in labor for nearly 20 hours and I ended up finishing this movies just hours before delivery early on Christmas eve morning. I gotta say that watching Arnold go through labor first prepared me for what was about to happen to my wife, and I couldn't have been more greatful. This horrible movie will hold a special place in my heart as the last movie I watched before becoming a father. Thank you HDTGM!
  4. turboknoxville

    Episode 229.5 — Sklarbro County 134

    I too would like to listen, but the SoundCloud cannot find the audio.