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  1. So, I made a Corrections and Omissions theme song. It is short, but probably not short enough. Peace.
  2. Feels kind of thirsty to post this, but here we are. 2nd Opinion (Dragon Storm)
  3. Only reposting b/c Scott asked me to. https://soundcloud.c...days-of-plugmas
  4. LMNOPeehole

    Plug Something

    This is good as shit. Love you.
  5. LMNOPeehole

    2x Plugs Themes

    You liked your own post Alpha...
  6. This is the first plugs theme I ever did. And I re-post it every 6 months or so. Deal, nerds. https://soundcloud.c...to-your-mouth-1
  7. Edit: Why did Kulap masturbate while her husband was out of town? Because she wanted to get off "Scott-free"! fixed
  8. Why did Kulap masturbate when the Choctaw was out of town? So she could get off Scott-free!
  9. clickbait. better luck next time, NO-blex.
  10. The rude scabs flaking off my butt cheeks tend to overshadow the nice smells coming out of my shit chute.
  11. LMNOPeehole

    Try Plugging (Right Now)

    This is the kind of plugs theme that makes Scott Aukermans's penis fill up with blood
  12. LMNOPeehole

    RoboPlugs Saves Detroit

    Love it. Would bang.
  13. https://soundcloud.com/frank_guzek/charred-plugs-of-the-damned I try to re-post this every year on Chris Brown's birthday. You do you, Breezy!
  14. There are soft dicks, and there are small dicks. And then there are soft, small dicks. And after that, all bets are off - because, mister, you are now totally free!
  15. Iridescent tentacles writhe in the black void of interstellar death and decay. Also, I've included my resume as a pdf. Thank you for your consideration. Love, Scott