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    Episode 99 — A View To a Kill: LIVE

    CLASSIC HDTGM episode... I'm SO glad I'm not the only one growing up thinking that one alias was "Singen Smythe". When I saw it written down as "St. John" I let out an audible, "OHHHHHhhhhh.........what the fuck???" A few minor omissions that came to mind: In the Paris chase sequence, James Bond jumps off the bridge, on to the boat, crashes through the roof, on to the multi-tier cake that comes toppling down..... and is completely clean in the next shot. Zero cake frosting. The material in those British Spy tuxes is just really really stain resistant, I guess? Also, doesn't seem like anyone's touched on the blatantly obvious cheat mechanism in the steeplechase scene, where Zorin hits the button on his riding crop to raise each wall behind him as he jumps over. I have to wonder about the backstory on that, kind of like the planning stages of the map room, as well as the henchmen who *have* to have known about it, and are just forced to endure a series of faceplants any time Zorin wants to humiliate someone in a race. Lastly, did anyone think it was weird that, among Mayday's various duties at the Zorin estate, she has to man the front gate apparently? Here's to hoping the writers of Archer find a way to work in the concept of a Fuck Sub.....