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  1. okey dont get me wrong,im not a hater, i have listened to i think every episode of this podcast and i think june is superbeautiful ....



    1. did she even not know about the minisodes?!

    does she not even care about the movies? i mean in this episode it feels alot like

    "paul is a nerd, june is a non-nerd who cant be bothered with this stuff and only does this because paul and her is married"

    correct me if im wrong.


    2. it feels alot like june is a super cute girl,and paul is a ordinary looking guy(altough handsome,you know how i mean). how did they meet? i mean she seem to have no clue about anything,or is that just an act? i think its sad,i think she should show her intelligence and stuff,instead of playing to this "im a bimbo i dont know anything" style.


    okey now i sound so harsh.i dont mean it like that!

    i really like the show as i said, but it really felt like "ah,pff,i cant be bothered with these movies or minisodes or whatever" :(