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  1. FIRST - im not american,i live in europe, BUT i have to say, what was jason thinking ranting in the beginning about 9/11?? what is your point in trying to make fun of that horrible thing? seriously you are better than that, there were nothing funny about that day. that was a low point. you could hear how paul tried to save the situation by steering it away from that.
  2. okey so this blows my mind. i just realized that jason is rick from the walking deads brother! just look at the picture!
  3. okey. so this blows my mind. June is supposedly "away" for two weeks. meanwhile in the new episode safe haven,a woman called Eliza is guest hosting. BUT she has a very similar voice to June! so my thought is: was Eliza Dianes ghost???? hmmmmmmmmm...... the mystery thickens!

    EPISODE 103 — Zardoz

    i say; check out a podcast called projection booth, they actually interviewed the director about this movie: http://projection-booth.blogspot.se/2014/01/episode-148-zardoz.html its soooooooo interesting. he basically says that alot of the stuff didnt work,and then he wanted to edit it totally different. no im not affiliated with the guys doing that pod,i just think its interesting

    Episode 99.5 — Minisode 99.5

    okey dont get me wrong,im not a hater, i have listened to i think every episode of this podcast and i think june is superbeautiful .... BUT: 1. did she even not know about the minisodes?! does she not even care about the movies? i mean in this episode it feels alot like "paul is a nerd, june is a non-nerd who cant be bothered with this stuff and only does this because paul and her is married" correct me if im wrong. 2. it feels alot like june is a super cute girl,and paul is a ordinary looking guy(altough handsome,you know how i mean). how did they meet? i mean she seem to have no clue about anything,or is that just an act? i think its sad,i think she should show her intelligence and stuff,instead of playing to this "im a bimbo i dont know anything" style. okey now i sound so harsh.i dont mean it like that! i really like the show as i said, but it really felt like "ah,pff,i cant be bothered with these movies or minisodes or whatever"