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  1. Proposition Phil

    Episode 147 - Julie Klausner, Back Again

    And now I don't know what doing the comedy is. Thanks Julie!
  2. Proposition Phil

    Episode 135 - Jon Daly, Our Close Friend

    If Engineer Brett still needs a producer tag he should make it Jon Daly saying "Magic is bread". You can't hear the difference.
  3. Proposition Phil

    Episode 134 - Far East Movement, Our Favorite Band

    I swear the second they said double mirror I immediately thought of double rainbow. I know you guys dont believe me and I honestly don't care, but it's the truth so take it or leave it. And also for the people who aren't as in tune with viral videos as I am, when Hayes said "Damn Charlie" it was a mashup of "Charlie Bit My Finger" and "Damn Daniel" and it was very funny even though no one laughed in the studio.
  4. Proposition Phil

    Who better, chanson or dixon?

    Do people like chanson a lot? I wanna say Dixon, but I'm worried people won't like me or my posts if I do that.
  5. Proposition Phil

    EPISODE 132 โ€” Annaliese, Our Song Singer

    When Sean said uncle Sam he should've said that it was his uncle because engineer Sam is his cousin. I don't know, it could be good for characterization.
  6. Proposition Phil

    EPISODE 132 โ€” Annaliese, Our Song Singer

    I agree that acoustic music is good. My favorite music is pretty girls and pretty boys doing acoustic covers of urban songs. I get too intimidated listening to the originals.
  7. Proposition Phil

    Episode 130 - Mike Lawrence, Our Close Friend

    Sean likes to talk a big game, but when a big bad ass guy says that he'd take him in a 1 on 1 he tucks his tail. Made me lose respect for the guy TBH.
  8. I don't understand why Hayes gets to have his one friend on the show all the time when Sean only got to have his Workaholics friends on once.
  9. Proposition Phil

    EPISODE 124 โ€” Big Apple Bible, Episode 1

    I would like this more if it turned out that the sleeping guy was Sean.
  10. Proposition Phil

    EPISODE 124 โ€” Big Apple Bible, Episode 1

    That's ridiculous
  11. Proposition Phil

    EPISODE 124 โ€” Big Apple Bible, Episode 1

    Project XX xXx xXx That's 8 bro
  12. Proposition Phil

    EPISODE 121 โ€” Maria Thayer, Our Close Friend

    So brave to go against the grain and make fun of Kanye.
  13. Proposition Phil

    EPISODE 118 โ€” Chris Gethard, Our Close Friend

    โ€œHe continues to call himself the greatest artist of all time. The whole time? All of the time? The whole time. Time magazine? Hammer time? Nap time. Nap time? Bath time! Space-time continuum?โ€โ€”Kid Fury disputing Kanye Westโ€™s assertion that heโ€™s the โ€œgreatest artist of all time,โ€ Oh man I need to listen to this podcast
  14. Proposition Phil

    Episode 116 โ€” Cartoons, Our Close Friends

    All these phone calls have me worried that this is actually a Tisha Campbell/Martin Lawrence situation.
  15. SMH... people hating on this ep already. Well, spoiler alert, it's not Sean's fault that Hayes didn't show up for it, so if you're gonna blame anyone blame Hayes. I actually think Sean did really good although I also did like it when I got to hear Hayes' voice at the end.