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    Episode 102 — Tango & Cash

    There was a couple mistakes in this movie that I was surprised to not hear mentioned. In that scene when a leather clad biker exits the bar and is revealed to be Teri Hatcher and not Kurt Russel, almost immediately after the helmet is removed Hatcher is cigarette smoke in the cops face and giving him sass. Where did this cigarette smoke come from? She had a closed helmet on literally a second before she blows the smoke. It would seem that there are only four possibilities: 1. She was smoking a cigarette inside her closed helmet. 2. She was smoking a cigarette and would open and close her visor any time she needed to take a drag. 3. In the one second interval after her helmet is removed she manages to pull out a cigarette, put in her lips, light it and take a drag. 4. She was walking around with a lit cigarette but not smoking it. She took the removal of her helmet as a first opportunity to take a drag. Another thing that I thought was funny was the fact that when Jack Palance pulls out the two rats to begin this reoccuring metaphor he was "Two little mice, so much damage". Mice? Those are clearly rats. One might have argued that reason he has that rat maze/desk is that he's a rat officiando and that he just like to have them on hand for metaphors, but if he can't even tell the difference between rats and mice then you would have to conclude that this is not the case and that he went through all the trouble of acquiring rats and a maze-desk for this singular usage. P.s. Did anyone notice the rats scurrying around while T&C escape from prison? Symbolism?
  2. Jon H

    Episode 100.5 — Minisode 100.5

    In this episode someone asked if they could finally do a JCVD movie. Finally? Apparently someone forgot that JCVD plays Guile in Street Fighter and that HDTGM did an episode about Street Fighter. Shame on you somebody for asking and shame on you Paul for not correcting them.