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  1. You're in luck, potsmaster. This was covered on a Stitcher Premium episode from the pee cast blast or whatever that little festival was called lol.


    Oh shit! I didn't realize this! I just signed up for Stitcher premium recently and I've only scratched the surface of a long podcast backlog after a very long time of not being able to consume them very much. Thanks for the tip! I feel really dumb now! Not that I don't feel really dumb a lot of the time. :blink:

  2. Definitely agree that the casting was atrocious. Both of the leads seemed to be too young, and by that I mean they played the roles as if they were 14. It was like watching a big budget, sci-fi action reboot of Flowers in the Attic. The will-they-won't-they didn't work at all and I don't think any viewer could or would ever care if they did or not. Valerian came off more as a creepy, all-too-forward sexual-harassing stalker than a sincere romantic lead with a redemption story.


    Your Fifth Element comparison is pretty spot on, but it's like both of the leads were Bruce Willis in Hudson Hawk. His performance in Fifth Element was energetic and inspired in comparison. I think Clive Owen's performance in the movie was decent, considering what he was given to work with. He chewed up the scenery A TON, very akin to Gary Oldman in Fifth Element. I think he was just working with a totally shit script and acting across some really terrible partners.


    The thing about this movie that made me the most angry was that it had such amazing potential to be a really amazing sci-fi adventure, if the story was just contained and kept relatively simple. Instead Luc Besson (who is already a pretty lousy writer) tried to cram in an entire universe and seemingly 5 or 6 story-lines in a single film. Because he was such a fan, he got the misguided idea that he can bring a large chunk of a fairly expansive series of books all into 2.5 hours of film.

  3. Came on to recommend this movie as well. This one really should put Luc Besson in writing jail. I was really excited for it but it was total garbage. It would also fit perfectly into Paul's theory that any time a director tries to get his or her "passion project" completed after years of planning it out, it almost always fails tremendously.


    I'd love to hear a supercut of every time Laureline says "Valerian!" It's gotta be 50+.


    Also, having June and Jessica St Clair watch this would be amazing. They'd likely hit some sort of critical mass of sick and angry that could, in all likelihood, destroy all of Los Angeles.

  4. All told, I don't blame you once iota for being offended by the China character. That said, I don't personally think it's anymore intentionally offensive than his Klaus character is against Germans speaking English with an accent.


    I kind of have to blame divadong for being offended. It's both hypocritical as well as stupid. Middleditch did almost half of the episode in a stereotypical "Southern" and "flaming homosexual" voice while playing a character that sucks dick for money. Divadong didn't seem to give two shits about that. Comedians use stereotype and hyperbole all the time to heighten the situation and create crazy, completely unrealistic characters. That's how things become funny. What matters is how they use stereotype and hyperbole. I don't think Middleditch was trying to make fun of Chinese people or gay people in the episode; he was just being ridiculous for a laugh. Before anyone feels offended by a character in a comedy show they need to actually think about the reason for the use of stereotype. If it's used maliciously to make fun of or attack a group of people, then yeah whoever is doing it needs to be called out as a bigot and an asshole (which is very relevant right now because many older white people decry "PC culture" in the US when they are actually just bummed it's not acceptable to be racist anymore). But if it's just being used as a stupid goof to make you laugh, be an adult about it and grow some thicker skin.

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  5. I have thoroughly enjoyed the various musings by Scotty and pals on "That's A T-Shirt!" ideas as well as the "Is That A T-Shirt?" ideas. During almost every episode I get at least one of them that pops into my head as well.


    Do you have any "That's A T-Shirt!" moments that Scott or any of the guests have mentioned that you'd like to see someone give an attempt at rendering? Do you want to try to make one of those aforementioned t-shirt designs a reality? Do you have any of your own "That's A T-Shirt!" moments that you'd love to see visualized? Are there more questions like this I could ask?


    I thought it would be fun and interesting to have a thread where people share their "That's A T-Shirt!" moments and maybe try their hand at some designs. They don't have to be professional quality or anything - there are tons of sites that let you make your own designs really quickly and easily, so show us what you got!


    To get things started I made one from the recent episode "Shut the Fuck Door!" which inspired me to waste some time and make a design. Here it is! Tell me what you think!*


    * Note: Only positive opinions will be acknowledged, you dicks.



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  6. Hopefully submissions for Corrections and Omissions hasn't ended yet...


    I have a hypothesis about the world-building (or complete lack thereof) in this movie. Could it be that the world this movie exists in had already been established... IN ANOTHER MOVIE DONE BY HDTGM?!?!


    I like to see Theodore Rex as being a continuation/alternate universe version of Super Mario Bros. In the Super Mario Rex-verse King Koopa successfully merged the two worlds bringing the hyper-evolved dino-humans to our reality. A global war ensued, humans versus dino-humans. The war raged on for decades, and the dino-humans began to over-feed on the fauna of regular Earth, causing virtually all animal species to go extinct. The humans eventually got a hold of the Devolution Gun and put in the hands of their top scientist, Elizar Kane. Kane helped the humans build a bunch of Devolution Bombs, carpeting the world with them and causing the dino-humans to partially de-evolve to a dinosaur state. Sick of the war, an inner cabal of dino-humans teamed up with Mario and Luigi to assassinate King Koopa and made peace with the remaining humans. The two former-enemies began to build an inclusive society, but tensions were still high and integration came slowly. Unfortunately it was too late, the severe loss of biodiversity caused an ecological collapse, eventually killing off almost all humans. Kane knew the end was near for the human race so he began research into human cloning. He kept the species alive through cloning, but for him the war wasn't over. He was only biding his time until he could find a new way of wiping out the dino scourge....


    That is the lost Super Mario sequel, Theodore Rex prequel. Damn I would watch the shit out of that movie.

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  7. Love the episode! Quick science fact check. Pinterst is not a great place to go for advice, especially for anything medical. The idea that you can cure jetlag by "connecting to the earth" through rubbing your feet in grass or anything of the kind is complete nonsense. Restart your circadian rhythm by taking 5 - 8 mg of melatonin about 1 hour before your normal bedtime.


    The More You Know!! *rainbow*


    P.S. A participation game for this episode: "New Children's Book Names"


    1) The Cheftestants and the Mystery of the Foodposium of Gstaad

  8. I thought that McKendree show went over well with everyone, but now you've got me wondering...?



    No, no! I didn't mean to lead you to believe that it didn't go over well. I meant that you kept things very funny, interesting, and unconventional (classic PFT) but I also felt like you knew for whom you were performing. When I got to the show, I was a bit nervous because it was a lot of people that have season tickets to the shows at McKendree simply because it is was something going on in town and/or they went there decades ago. But I definitely got the impression that the whole audience loved the show! Did you tailor the material or delievery to the crowd at all? I am very curious about that.

  9. Hey Paul, love the podcast. Also, thanks for coming to the St Louis area and doing a show recently. It was really strange to see you perform at McKendree College, out in the middle of nowhere, to a very atypical crowd (for a PFT show, but not for the rural midwest). But despite the crowd, you were a consummate performer as always, and throughly entertained myself and my weirdo friends as well as 80 year old McKendree alumni who only knew you as "a guy that's on the tv, apparently."


    Do you think you'll ever take Spont on a tour, other than just playing live in LA or NYC on occasion? I'd love to have the chance to see the magic live sometime.

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