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  1. GeorgeGrimwood


    Hi Scott, In terms of the overwhelming (and hugely welcome!) amount of archives - and not knowing where to start - might it be worth having the 'favourite' option for individual episodes? Not a ratings scale as such, just the option of being able to highlight certain episodes that you would recommend to others, which may then perhaps be visible to all? So in theory the audience could see, say, the top 10 most 'favourited' episodes for each show, or indeed overall. Thanks to all those involved - currently going through the Howl 'Sclusies and enjoying every one! Hope there's more of those to come! George
  2. GeorgeGrimwood

    Ask Paul!

    Hello sir! Here's a few SPONTANEAQUESTIONS: If you were a guest on your show, which setting or location would you put forward? Or at least, which would spring to mind first? Is there a possibility of episodes (or extracts from episodes) being animated? Has there been any particular character of yours from Comedy Bang Bang that you have felt naturally surface (or traits thereof) in an episode of the show so far? If you were able to bring the show over to the UK (fingers crossed!), would you aim to bring guests over with you, or gather local talent instead? Best wishes, George
  3. GeorgeGrimwood

    EPISODE 365 — Bongo vs. Bongos

    "Not a single fan" in the UK?! WE BEG TO DIFFER - https://www.facebook.com/ComedyBangBangUK
  4. GeorgeGrimwood

    CBB UK fans!

    Hi folks, Scott recently said in a reddit AMA: So, I've created a Facebook page to hopefully answer that question with a big resounding YES! https://www.facebook.com/ComedyBangBangUK Even if FB pages don't necessarily work in the way that they used to, I'm optimistic that by bringing the UK contingency together, it may illustrate that the fan base in the UK is indeed worthy of a visit. Plus, a good place to collect any information regarding individual CBB / Earwolf-related comedians visiting the UK. Reggie Watts coming to London in April, for example! So please 'Like' the page, share it with any other UK fans you may know of, and let's see if we can make this happen. Thanks! GrimWord