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  1. BrillGrungerson

    Episode 253 - Little Esther, Our Brand Ambassador

    What a great sequel
  2. BrillGrungerson

    Hollywood Masterclass Season 2

    Cosmic Fog be praised
  3. BrillGrungerson

    Episode 245 - Riki Lindhome, Our Close Friend

    um, like, the song Red Red Wine but you say Sweet Sweet Boyz instead, is that a good post?
  4. On the newest Womp, Marissa talks about a boy who graduated a few years ago named Sean F'IN Clemments!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! S P E A K O N T H A T !
  5. BrillGrungerson

    Episode 239 - Dave Holmes, Our Close Friend Again

    THAT'S EXACTLY WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT BOSS!!!!! That's the kinda fire this forum used to give off.
  6. BrillGrungerson

    Episode 239 - Dave Holmes, Our Close Friend Again

    Hello! ... Hello! ... Hello! ... Hello! That's the echo, cause this forum is so empty now. These Boyz keep making fun good episodes, and this is the thanks they get!?? I'm ashamed of us all, except Dalton and Urinalcake, even though I think Dalton has to legally post every week or Scott deducts from his friggin paycheck.
  7. BrillGrungerson

    Episode 237 - Kate Micucci, Our Close Friend

    Sometimes I can tell, just by looking at the episode photo's, that it's gonna be real swell.
  8. BrillGrungerson

    Episode 236 - The Magic Tavern Guys, Our Close Friends

    Love waking up to the smell of some hot, fresh Dem Boyz in the morning
  9. BrillGrungerson

    Episode 234 - Joe Wengert, Our Contest Maker Friend

    I can't believe it, but they did it again! Another great, C+ episode!
  10. BrillGrungerson

    Episode 232 - Arden Myrin, Our #MovieRank Friend

    We get it Robotam you pay for the fucking Doubles. Every dime you put in the Dough-wish-they-were-the-real-BOYZ pocket is another nail in HH's coffin
  11. BrillGrungerson

    Episode 231 - Ego Nwodim, Our Close Friend

    it is nice and quiet in here, isn't it Robotam. I sometimes come to this forum to pencil my crosswords in and have a cup of Earl Grey Monster Energy Tea
  12. BrillGrungerson

    Episode 231 - Ego Nwodim, Our Close Friend

    hey everybody, remember when this forum was king and the top commenters walked around like gods among men? now look at me, I'm #1 today, and I sit on a throne of dust. I love Reddit just as much as the next boy or girl, but I'll always come here first
  13. BrillGrungerson

    Episode 230 - Julie Klausner, Our Goodbye Cody Friend

    RIP Cody we love you so!!!!
  14. BrillGrungerson

    Episode 229 - Anders Holm, Our Close Friend Again

    man, these are some good Boyz
  15. #1 at the top of my list would be Adam Pally. Any other idea's friends?
  16. BrillGrungerson

    Episode 227 - Claudia O'Doherty, Our Close Friend

    Raindrop Drop to Listening to Hollywood Handbook with my headphones B)
  17. BrillGrungerson

    Master Class Season 2 guest wishlist

    a couple very good choices by some very good boys. Shelby Fero, PFT, and Beck Bennett would also have been accepted
  18. BrillGrungerson

    Episode 227 - Claudia O'Doherty, Our Close Friend

    Now that I'm a Stitcher Premium subscriber, I can barely stomach listening to this free garbage like a peasant. Excuse me while I go wash my hands of this filth with an episode of Teachers Lounge
  19. BrillGrungerson

    about to make the jump!

    Do the Boys have a Stitcher Premium code? I want to give them credit for the great work they've done.
  20. BrillGrungerson

    about to make the jump!

    Nevermind everyone, thanks for nothing!
  21. BrillGrungerson

    about to make the jump!

    PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  22. BrillGrungerson

    Episode 226 - Tom Scharpling, Our Third Host

    kinda surprised we didn't get another Ryan Gaul ep this week. my prediction? they both recorded a wintergreen episode with him coming out between 2019-2021
  23. BrillGrungerson

    Episode 225 - Ryan Gaul, Our Close Friend

    I heard that Hayes joined DoughBoys Media but I didn't actually think it was true
  24. BrillGrungerson

    Episode 224 - Nick Wiger, Our Corny Friend

    Wiger is a true gamer. Fun fact, he used to work in the gaming industry!
  25. I give this episode...five bags of popcorn, two sodas!