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    Parker (2013)

    OK. Just stumbled on this the other night and hate-watched it with a friend. I didn't know about the books, or that it was a character that has been in film before. All I knew is that I was watching what seemed like a fairly well known, seasoned cast fart out one of the worst films I couldn't walk away from. I genuinely don't think there were any second takes in this film. It's like the dialogue was written by space aliens that had intercepted snippets of conversation, but never actually experienced an entire human sentence. It contains... 1. Nick Nolte phoning it in for his one day of shooting. 2. J-Lo getting undressed for...wait, why again? 3. Seriously respected actors giving performances that defy explanation. 4. A mafia hit-man that only uses a 6 inch long knife 5. Real Estate intrigue! 6. Jason Statham trying to blend into the background by wearing the biggest Cowboy hat I've ever seen and speaking in a "Texas" "accent". (both quotes intended) The world needs to hear how angry this film would make Jason.
  2. Boondoggle

    Ask Paul!

    Not technically a question, Paul, but yet another take on the term "Bobo". When I first heard June use the term, I knew exactly what it meant because I'd heard the term before, specifically while watching the Japanese Anime "Tranzor Z". "Tranzor Z" aired in the U.S. in the late 70's/Early 80's and it (predictably) centered on giant Mecha War Robots piloted by cool animated action heroes. These heroes had a big dumb friend named "Bobo", and at one point Bobo decided he was going to build his own giant robot. After building a really goofy looking "Mech" of his own, he christened it "Bobo-bot". Bobo-bot was an inferior, cheap, goofy looking knock-off of the cool original Giant Robot Samurai. Obviously that's not where June learned the term, but it's cool that a Japanese cartoon got the term right even before she was born. BTW, If you Google the words "Tranzor Z Bobobot" you can see what he looked like.
  3. Boondoggle

    Cirque Du Freak: The Vampire's Assistant (2009)

    I have to admit that I legitimately and un-ironically enjoy this movie.
  4. Boondoggle

    Another You (1991)

    So after Gene Wilder's passing I decided to celebrate his career by watching all the Gene Wilder/Richard Pryor collaborations that I remembered so fondly. "Another You"? I don't remember that... Oh My God. It's not just bad. It's badly bad. It's huge badly bad. ...and I'll be honest here. I can understand if this movie is too much of a bummer to review. Richard Pryor is clearly working through the early stages of MS in this, and no one wants to speak ill of the dead or disparage comedic heroes....but it's got so many HDTGM-able elements it's hard to dismiss. Just some of the highlights... 1. Gene Wildest worst haircut, ever. 2. Mercedes Ruehl as the sex-pot femme fatale. Mercedes Ruehl. 3. A giant hat that is clearly essential to the plot, but I couldn't tell you how. Maybe its a symbol? 4. A goofy "PG plot" riddled with profanity. Pryor drops two F-Bombs literally before the movie even starts. Who's this for? 5. The bad-ass marine from Avatar playing a prototypical 80's villain, in a 90's movie. 6. Director Peter Bogdonovich was called at midnight, five weeks into shooting, and fired. 7. A plot riddled with the most epic unnecessary convolutions. 8. Kevin Pollak in a role in which he only speaks in celebrity impressions. 9. It murdered a lot of careers. The writer never wrote another movie. After a 3 year hiatus the director returned to TV. Neither Wilder nor Pryor starred in another movie. 10. It cost 17 million. It made 2.8 million, more than half of that on the opening weekend. Maybe I'm late to the party on this one, but I'd just never heard of it. How do you take these legendary ingredients and come up with this? Genuinely, how did this get made? http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0101356/