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    Episode 101 — Xanadu: LIVE!

    First of all, I love this movie. I will not apologize. Having said that, there are a couple things that bother me in this movie : 1) In the first scene where Sonny goes to work, he descends the stairs and his Comic Relief friend/coworker is painting an album cover of a woman with giant red balls? or bubbles? whatever. It looks to be about halfway done. When the scene cuts back to him a second later, that painting in the background is DONE. Complete. Turns out Comic Relief friend is the fastest painter in town. 2) When Danny takes Sonny to his mansion, Danny says "They did things big in those days" in reference to his mansion. When Sonny takes Danny to see the building which will later become Xanadu, Danny says "Things are bigger now." I get that the second quote is comparing the small club he used to own to the place they're looking at; but I'm confused Danny! When were things big??? Make up your mind. Pile that onto the list of things that already don't make sense in this movie...that I love. Xanadu, your neon lights will shine.