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  1. OoofMaGOOF

    Episode 152.5 - Minisode 152.5

    Okay, apparently I'm just a selfish asshole. I'll stay out of it.
  2. OoofMaGOOF

    Episode 152.5 - Minisode 152.5

    Sorry, but saying "BUT THERE'S SO MUCH STUFF" to people that aren't interested in that stuff doesn't make it more appealing or more logical to pay for a full service when you want ONE show... Telling people they should pay for a thing that was free like it's no big deal for everyone seems strange to me. I understand they need to keep the lights on, but is that not what ads are for? Why not keep the backlog with ads for free to those of us who don't want to subscribe to Howl, and use the Howl service as a "premium" service with no ads...instead of making it the only option for a good chunk of the show?
  3. OoofMaGOOF

    Episode 152.5 - Minisode 152.5

    Just to jump in, I'm in the boat where HDTGM is the only Earwolf show I actually listen to, so paying full price for one show is irritating to me. Just my two cents.
  4. OoofMaGOOF

    Episode 152.5 - Minisode 152.5

    Real quick vent: I had what I thought was a pretty good omission for paul-ask, I was so excited to call and left a voicemail. And then they did 2, both of which were kind of silly and not totally relevant. This after I WROTE an omission in the boards (in the days before the voicemail) and without mentioning me by name, they basically said in the mini ep it was dumb and not worth their time (admittedly, it was something a few of us were talking about) So there's that, and doubting they'll ever do a Denver/CO show but having to listen to awkward live eps...free podcast, I know! And I still love these guys! But man, sometimes I dunno...I get bummed out about stupid stuff.
  5. OoofMaGOOF

    Episode 150 - Grease 2

    I'm so late to the party (I was out of town last week and just yesterday watched the movie, and listened to half the ep driving to work this morning) Loving it so far and it's some of the best dynamic from this group I've ever heard. Anna Faris is so great and I would love to see her back on again! I'm pretty much 100% with Jason. I'm very, very picky when it comes to musicals, but I LOVE Grease 1 unabashedly and it just brings me so much joy watching it. I'm actually listening to the soundtrack as I type this, and we had "We Go Together" played at our wedding reception. But man oh man was this BAD. It was so overstuffed with musical numbers that, as Jason pointed out, had NO GODDAMN POINT!! This movie was almost 2 hours and could have been 1.5 if they cut out the unnecessary numbers. At the same time...poor June! I think we all know what it feels like when a movie holds a special place in your heart and no one else wants to agree with you. At least Jason acknowledges that he understands why it's an important movie to her. EDIT: Apparently I'm one of only a few that like Anna...
  6. OoofMaGOOF

    Episode 148 - Vampire's Kiss: LIVE!

    Great episode, wish I could have been there! This movie had me dying with laughter, but the end got pretty genuinely disturbing to me...the darkness jumped up a whole nother notch! In any case, I legitimately enjoyed the gang's analysis of what exactly this movie is about...
  7. OoofMaGOOF

    Episode 147.5 - Minisode 147.5

    Hey everybody, I actually made this video years ago and now I'm so excited it's relevant with one of my favorite podcasts!
  8. OoofMaGOOF

    Episode 147 - Gamer: LIVE!

    I only made it 25. Obnoxious is actually a great word to use. "Unpleasant" also comes to mind... ETA: Sorry for the triple post, should have read ya'lls reactions first and just quoted those!
  9. OoofMaGOOF

    Episode 147 - Gamer: LIVE!

    Oh my god "phenomenal?" I'm glad I wasn't a guest alongside with him cause I might have just stared at him with a "SERIOUSLY?!" glare the whole time
  10. OoofMaGOOF

    Episode 147 - Gamer: LIVE!

    30 minutes into this movie and it already just makes me feel...gross. Like June, I genuinely find it weird and upsetting. Maybe it's supposed to? I don't know. But it's not a very enjoyable movie. *Shurgs*
  11. Random question: what was the podcast Paul recommended at the top of the show? It sounded like he said "Tennis" but that doesn't seem to be it... EDIT: Found out thanks to Reddit-it's called Tanis: http://iTunes.com/tanis Paul, can you please spell the names of things when they sound very close to other things?
  12. Also, gotta add my love for Michael Showalter as he is fantastic and I cheered when I saw he was one of the guests!
  13. Jesus, that was one of the most painful movies to get through that I've ever seen for this podcast. Can't wait to hear what Jason says, because I tried to just have this on in the background while I got some work done and it's so unnecessarily complicated I had to keep rewinding. Also, the lead girl in this, Zoey Deutch, is way too good for this movie. I realized I had seen her in Everybody Wants Some and she was really charming and good.
  14. OoofMaGOOF

    Episode 144 - Stealth

    I would definitely agree with Jason's point in that the cast is actually quite good in this movie and all pretty damn charming. I think they saved it from being a complete disaster and barely kept it afloat. It kind of flip flopped halfway through for me, where I thought the premise was interesting but the pilots were oddly annoying, and then when it got all bonkers around where they try to stop EDI, I realized that the cast was the best part. Also, I forgot how much of babe Jessica Biel is, holy COW. Which again leads into a point they all made, which is the scene of her ejecting was actually decently intense and well acted for someone who was likely in a moving chair surrounded by green screens. It's too bad the move around the 3 leads is such garbage, they actually deserve better than this schlock bro crap.
  15. Here I am again, commenting way late (I had to finish the movie Monday night) Thoughts off the top of my head: 1) I'm relatively certain that the combined sound of Zouks' and Steve Agee's hysterical laughter could cure cancer. I damn near drove off the road on my way to work from laughing so hard just at that. 2) So glad Zouks called out the weird kissing. "Again, again!" EWWWWW 3) I think I fall on the "no genitals when frozen" side (That sounds amazing out of context) 4) I'm totally with Steve Agee on Tituss Burgess, I think he would be a great Hollywood in a remake A++ episode!
  16. OoofMaGOOF

    Episode 139.5 - Minisode 139.5

    Okay so I've only watched the prologue/cold open so far and WHAT THE FUCK IS HAPPPENNNIIIINNNNGGGGG Shout out to the woman who used the "Jewish mother" voice in a scene where everyone else is doing their best medieval voice...
  17. OoofMaGOOF

    Episode 139.5 - Minisode 139.5

    So when is ep 140 out? This Friday? Next Sunday? When the moon is full? Free podcast, I know. But oof man.
  18. OoofMaGOOF

    Episode 139 - Simply Irresistible

    Okay so I read every post so far on this ep and didn't see it mentioned, and it was mentioned in the ep. Some of the cuts in this movie were SO jarring! Biggest example: SMG in her restaurant serving people, HARD cut to SPF and Amanda Peet walking out of his building, Amanda Peet saying "No way we can get a cab this quickly...". SPF holds out his hand, one pulls up, she says "Oh!" HARD cut back to SMG's restaurant. WHA?!?! I guess it sets up the cab being from the genie but it was so bizarrely jarring. I watched it with my wife and even she was confused...
  19. OoofMaGOOF

    Episode 138.5 - Minisode 138.5

    Last post: any idea if the new ep will still land on Friday, or will it be delayed to Monday?
  20. OoofMaGOOF

    Episode 138.5 - Minisode 138.5

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XEOwTeI9geI I know EVERY word. Not even joking. (Side note: apparently I'm not allowed to post more than one video in a post?)
  21. OoofMaGOOF

    Episode 138.5 - Minisode 138.5

    Here are a couple of my all time favorites. I know this to be true because I actually skip opening credits/themes for a lot of shows... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xR3CNEdoPJc I just love the theme, and the images. Really sets up the tone of the show.
  22. OoofMaGOOF

    Episode 138.5 - Minisode 138.5

    This theme song scared the HELL out of me as a kid. Even without the weird intro visuals that accompanied it. Just something about it. Finally watching the show as an adult, it still kind of does and the visuals are so bizarre (namely the stretching face) that it still kind of unnerves me!
  23. OoofMaGOOF

    Episode 136 - Hell Comes to Frogtown: LIVE!

    There's a WHOLE lot to unpack here but I'll just start with this: You....know you can very easily skip them, right? Are you like listening on vinyl or something?
  24. OoofMaGOOF

    Episode 136 - Hell Comes to Frogtown: LIVE!

    "I'm the Jason of my group" Also, it was oddly satisfying to hear that guy get called out for calling it "Co-oors"
  25. OoofMaGOOF

    Episode 135.5 - Minisode 135.5

    I really liked it but given the setup, was also pretty let down. It never seemed to really realize the potential of it's batshit crazy plot.