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  1. SteveAgee

    EPISODE 146 — Moon Festival Pt. 2

    It's been a while since I've been in here. This week's episode was actually recorded Tuesday night. We record two episodes every other week, but we've gotten a bit behind so we're playing ketchup. I've been gone a lot over the past 4 or 5 months because of a death in the family (InterstitialAbs, I feel your pain, and I'm sorry for your loss), so hopefully now I can get back to not knowing how to play D&D and hanging out with my friends more often.
  2. SteveAgee

    Character Drawings

  3. SteveAgee

    Episode 111 — Fudge Son

    Here's the real deal. I think of this every time I hear the name Gary.
  4. SteveAgee

    Hit Points and Leveling Up

    holy shit, this is great, thanks! When I started this campaign there was no character sheet for Winter. I'm completely new to D&D and more or less lost constantly.
  5. SteveAgee

    Steve Agee is worth 10,000 listeners a week

    Dan Telfer bought me my first set of D&D dice last week.
  6. SteveAgee

    Thank you Dan & Steve!

    Thanks guys! I'm very new to D&D and I'm figuring it out as I go along...I appreciate your patience! Also I have no idea how to get my profile picture to show up here.
  7. SteveAgee

    Character Drawings

    Hi Dan Telfer