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    The Fanatic (2019)

    Travolta in crip-face so bad it's hard to find it offensive. He throws every stereotype trait about having a learning impairment into his performance. His character and the character he's stalking are both so creepy and dislikable you're not sure who you're meant to root for. His friend seems to think it's perfectly okay to give him celebrities' addresses even though she knows his obsessive then no-one checks in on him. There's a dead maid in the garden that no-one notices for half the film. Plus, random drawings included between scenes that are not reference at all in the main plot
  2. My dad buys a lot of cheap, crappy DVDs and I caught him watching this steamer and knew I had to bring it to attention. Heaven knows why Sigoney Weaver signed up for this. She plays a pyschotic, rogue plastic surgeon who captures the mafia hitman who murdered her playboy brother and, wait for it, gives him a sex change. Michelle Rodreguez plays the titual character. So many whys for the team. Why not cast a man in the role? Why go to all that trouble when you could've just killed him? Why are the wanted posters cartoon? Why did Weaver need to be in a straight jacket for the 'twist' ending to 'work? Would love to hear a LBGT performer's view on this film as I think it's really transphobic. http://www.imdb.com/video/imdb/vi4268537369?playlistId=tt5034474&ref_=tt_ov_vi
  3. June asked for dish of the Queen's Hubby Philip. Oh boy. Prince Philip is infamous in Britain for his 'blunt' often racist gaffes of which there are many. While touring a school, he once looked into a circuit box and said it looked like 'a bloody Indian put it in. He also joked that a bunch of British students in China would 'get slitty eyes' is they stayed too long. His history is amazing too. His Dad was King of Greece but got deposed, leaving Philip more ore less penniless and bouncing from one rich relative to another. His parents divorced basically because his mum was deaf and no-one bothered to learn sign language, she later became a nun. While staying in Venice as a teen, he owned his own gondola and would regularly row young ladies back home after p[arties and take the chance to get off with them. The latest story regarding him happen a month ago when he drove his Range Rover into another car outside their country estate and injured the driver and her child.
  4. I am sad and disturbed to realise this is the second HDTGM movie involved with my sexual awakening as a child. The first was Garbage Pail Kids where I got strange 'belly tingles' for the villain. Now I remember sitting to watch the first Look Who's Talking with my parents and the opening credits being a lot of sperm swimming towards an egg. I looked at my Mum and Dad and asked what were all those tadpoles doing in a film about babies and immediately my Mum turned the VHS off and said 'I think you're too young for this film.'
  5. faye-raye

    Episode 192 - Striptease: LIVE!

    I don't watch the movies so when they mentioned the sugar factory I thought it was the name of the strip club. Surely a classier title than The Meat Farm?
  6. faye-raye

    Episode 191.5 - Minisode 191.5

    I know this may sound rasist and Canada's a big country but I have to ask does RAD bike mechanic Mark Kaustinen have anything to do with Canadian actor/legend and BMX enthisiast Yannick Bissen aka Dectective William Murdock himself? I ask because I'm a massive Murdoch Mysteries fan and it would make my day to think this slightly blockers show was connected to the podcast.
  7. faye-raye

    Episode 191.5 - Minisode 191.5

    Did animals not get paid?
  8. faye-raye

    Episode 191 - Rad: LIVE!

    Um, seems to be a problemo on the sight. Can't play this episode. Says it's unable to download.
  9. So I'm watching The House the afternoon and my Mum is in and out the room half paying attention. Right at the end, when Will Ferrell and Amy Poehler are dropping their daughter at college . My Mum turns to me and asks. 'So did the son get back with his wife?' 'Er, what son?' I ask. 'You know, the older son, the one with the beard.' My Mum actually thought that swarthy, Greek Jason (47) was the bouncing baby boy of milk toast white Ferrell (51)and Poehler (48). I really hope this makes Zooks' day to know that somewhere in Britain there is a mad woman who thinks he looks 25!
  10. God help me, I like an Adam Sandler comedy now and again. You can say anything about them being crappy and lazily made and I'll agree but I still find him watchable somehow.
  11. faye-raye

    Episode 181 - Freejack: LIVE!

    Charlie Sheen Rides A Dragon and that's your new t-shirt!
  12. faye-raye

    Episode 180.5 - Minisode 180.5

    YEAH! also thought I'd share this photo of the man in his prime, Does have a look of Laurie about him
  13. faye-raye

    Episode 180.5 - Minisode 180.5

    *Face Palm* That's just so wrong. Not a fan of the Cumberbatch but for looks/build a pretty good call
  14. faye-raye

    Episode 180.5 - Minisode 180.5

    Kit Harrington? Paul, really? Pretty, pretty but so dumb Kit Harrington to play the LEGEND Chrisopher Lee? Paul, what are you smoking? Harrington WISHES he had one tenth of Lee's talent and charisma. I'm sorry but no, no, no.. Cast Harrington and it would end up on the show. I may be just on a Dr Who hit but I could go with Peter Capaldi. Right height and oozing charisma
  15. Too true. Man was a legend and a British treasure. Had a box set of Hammer Horror including a hour long interview of him just talking to camera about his life and films. One of the most engaging, entertaining 60 minutes I've ever seen on film. And you've missed he was a MI6 spy and related to european royalty on his mother's side!
  16. faye-raye

    Episode 177.5 - Minisode 177.5

    I know ! I thought the old christmas episodes might be available this time of year but no!
  17. The Carry Ons are a series of much loved British comedy films spanning the mid 50s to late 70s known for their innocent, cheeky humour. This is the last official one ever made and it killed them stone dead. They were desperately trying to keep up with the more risky times and produced what is basically a porno with the sex cut. Suzanne Dannielle plays the sex mad wife of a French diplomat who will and does sleep with every man in the film while here accent wafts in and out. You get to see Kenneth Williams naked bum numerous times. The paper-thin plot involves the title character nearly accidently bringing down the British government by sleeping with every member of parliament. There are jokes about attempted suicide and a character named Harry Hernia. I watched this film ages ago and thought it couldn't be as bad as I remembered but the rewatch proved me wrong. http://youtu.be/0hrKelipOYE
  18. faye-raye

    Nell (1994)

    Full disclosure. I was obsessed with this film as a teen. I have a speech defect and it was the only film I ever saw that anywhere near got close to how frustrating it is when people don't understand what you are trying to say. Looking back it is probably a bad Hollywood example of an actor getting kudos for 'crip-face' but at the time I loved it.
  19. Listening to the show I just remembered something. I completely forgot about the character Juice. We I saw this film I must've been around 8 years old and had a kiddie crush on the character of Juice! It must have been one of earlier 'funny tingle' moments. Just something about the feathered hair and the bad boy attitude. Thank you HDTGM for uncovering my early sexual awakenings in this abismal mess. I think I have been repressing the memory! Even more worryingly, googling him nearly thee decades later, I still wouldn't kick him outta bed. Does this make me the Jason of my group?
  20. faye-raye

    Episode 168.5 - Minisode 168.5

    I saw 'Up Pompeii' at 8 and that was a 15. But I seen the Carry Ons before so my folks were pretty okay with that kind of humour even though there's a straight up 10 minute orgy about 20 minutes in. They also let me watch 'Trains, Planes and Automobiles' but fast forwarded through the Rent-A-Car scene. Turns out objectifying women and group sex they were fine showing me but the F-bomb was a no-no.
  21. faye-raye

    Episode 168.5 - Minisode 168.5

    So glad they're doing Garbage Pail Kids. I have a vague memory of it as a child. Every week my parents used to take me to the local video store and I got to pick a film to watch on a Sunday afternoon, (I still like to chill with a movie after my roast dinner.) One time I picked the Garbage Pail Kids. If you knew me you would know how bizarre it is that I was okay liking this and even made Ali Gator my invisible friend for a while as I was a pretty squeamish kid. More amazingly I can't believe my parents didn't turn it off once the 'Too Retarded' sign is shown as I have a physical impairment
  22. http://www.imdb.com/videoplayer/vi814593817?ref_=ttvi_vi_imdb_1
  23. faye-raye

    The Love Witch (2016)

    I love campy Hammer Horror films so I really wanted to like this as itr seemed in the same vein but it just was too weird. I felt the director had a message but went about getting it across in a very strange way. If it wasn't a spoof or a parody of 1970s horror flicks then what was it, and it was so long.
  24. It may be Disney but it's weird, Darryl Hannah's an alien looking for a way to save her planet so that's why she doesn't act human, why noone else does is a mystery. Bizarre costumes, John Lovetz's ADR lines like 'my date is really tall' that make no sense. Animal endangerment and what looks to be a talking one-eyed dildo in a clutch bag.
  25. faye-raye

    Episode 161.5 - Minisode 161.5

    Oh I'm so sorry, I had no idea. His poor family.