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    Orca (1977)

    Only 20 minutes into this movie and already: - An orca headbutted a shark. - Charlotte Rampling said the most scientifically inaccurate exposition monologue ever, with lines like: "The voice of an orca contains 50 million pieces of information. The bible only contains 9 million." - And, of course, Richard Harris hosed a whale fetus (which has hands because, whale) off his boat. Sublime HDTGM material
  2. Enough said: http://youtu.be/zcstAYzfTXc
  3. TWiseau

    Strike Commando (1987)

    Bumped. This movie is absolutely glorious - it needs to be seen to be believed. Bruno Mattei puts every other 80's director to shame. Other highlights: Reb Brown's prolonged "Jakoda" scream; the random cock-fight exposition scene; and Reb Brown's utterly bizarre spoken disclaimer at the end.