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  1. Ryan O'Neal is a womanizing cop who against his will is partnered with the only gay cop on the force, a sullen lilac-track-suit-wearing queer from the office pool. They go undercover as a gay couple and venture into the gay community to solve a series of murders. Poor leather-clad Ryan has to endure being looked over and felt up by all sorts of creepy men. I think the people that made this thought they were being tolerant and encouraging tolerance of gays, but what they thought people should be tolerant of was every creepy stereotype you could ever have about gays. There isn't a gay in this entire movie who isn't portrayed as some sort of alien. I saw it in the theater back when it came out and even then it made my skin crawl.
  2. crag

    The Adventures of Ford Fairlane (1990)

    I didn't care much for his stage persona at the time but I thought all the faux outrage about it was silly. I really liked this movie. It became a cult film in a number of countries. It had Maddie Corman! And I thought Clay was also good in Casual Sex (as was Victoria Jackson before she went insane) ... but I don't "also like" Hudson Hawk.
  3. When I was young Halliwell's Filmgoer's Companion was my bible. I would go through it and study all the actors and actresses, and the lists of the movies they were in, and I kept running into this title, The Phynx. For many it was the most recent movie listed for that performer, and for some the last before they died, like Leo Gorcey. It had Richard Pryor, Busby Berkley, Johnny Weismuller, Xavier Cugar, and about two dozen more recognizable name actors. What was this movie?. I didn't see it until almost 40 years later, and I still don't know what this movie is. All I can remember about it now is that it had all these actors and actresses sitting together in a big room. As if they'd all been invited to just show up and be in a movie, and their role was to be themselves sitting in chairs in a room. Why? And I recall a scene where Maureen O'Sullivan is in car with Johnny Weismuller and she says something like "Say it again for old times' sake," and he says "Me Tarzan, you Jane." I've blocked out the rest of the movie. It's older that your normal HDTGM fare, but they should do a show about this movie rather than another crappy Nicholas Cage or Sylvester Stallone groaner.