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    Only the Strong (1993)

    Like a less fun, "The Last Dragon" this movie is a delight. It has everything you could ever want from an early 90s film about inner city break dance fighting. It is a cliche machine churning out the greatest hits: Drugs...Check Saving Inner city youths...Check Unnecessary sex scene...Check Martial Arts...Check Slow motion...Double Check Can we also talk about how they learn to play Brazilian instruments so they can fight? Most of the time thats what they are doing. Sure the two in the center dance fight but the other ten stand around and chat. I also agree with everyone here that Mark Dacascos should be a HDTGM all-star and his craft has been cruelly underrepresented in this medium. This movie in particualr has all the trappings of a HDTGM movie. It has a 0% on Rotten Tomatoes, 83 5-star reviews on amazon, tons of bad critic reviews, and loved by many. Perhaps now that Mark and Jason Co-Starred in a John Wick movie this can happen.
  2. csetlow

    The Last Dragon (1985)

    So I've been listening to the show for a couple of episodes and this movie seems to check off a ton of the boxes that the hosts look for. Ridiculous Movie Summary Motown music combines with action as a shy karate champion fights off bad guys who are threatening a beautiful disc jockey (Vanity). Current Availability Is the complete movie easy to get? Yes, the full movie is on youtube https://www.youtube....h?v=D3rC3TvHAuU Relevancy Was this movie a success? The film was a critical disappointment but a financial success, and is now considered a cult classic. It grossed $25,754,284 on an estimated $10,000,000 to make. Infact, as the movie is coming up on its 30th anniversary there is are blogs and sites dedicated to hosting a rescreen of the movie. Genre Was the movie serious? Why yes, it was an ernest attempt to make an action movie. It is certainly not a horror or comedy movie that the hosts don't like to pick. Additionally, it is very watchable movie that I doubt the hosts of watched. Interesting backstory elements It was Berry Gordy's last movie in an otherwise interesting carreer of screen, stage, and music. The movie itself is a martial arts movie set in 80's brooklyn with a black cast. This is truly a crazy, amazing movie that gets mentioned in popular culture even today. For example, LMFAO references the movie in their hit song I'm sexay and i know it. This was the first acting role for the protagonist of the movie Taimak, a then-20-year-old black belt who learned to act on the set of this picture Amazon Reviews There are 391 5 star ratings for this one. I'm sure the hosts could cull some good ones.