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  1. Bob,

    After I heard the news about your hiatus, I found myself filling the emptiness with food. With my money, time and life going down the food hole, I've taken to dumpster diving/living, in the receptacle behind Cobb's bakery. A steady diet of day-old baked goods has left me with the following ailments:


    Banana Breath

    Pumpkin pie pink eye

    Lady fingers

    Yeast infection

    Cinnamon buns

    Wheat belly

    Whole wheat belly

    Jelly roll belly

    I suffer from donut holes

    Focaccia fucked up back

    Frosting tongue

    Rolling pin arms

    Flour lung

    And I'm hypoglycemic.


    I could go on, but this library is notorious for fights over the internet kiosks. Better split.

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