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  1. Rossini138

    EPISODE 103 — Zardoz

    One little correction to something Paul said. Irish Travellers is the slightly more politically correct word for Irish gypsies rather than people on vacation. Stereotypically not good workers, which is why the director would have mentioned it!
  2. Rossini138

    Episode 102 — Tango & Cash

    I know there was the whole, homoerotic subtext thing going on, but about halfway through the movie I had myself 100% convinced that Tango was *actually* gay. He made a lot of "Is that a proposal" "you're not my type" kinds of jokes, and by a lot I mean too many for it to be a coincidence (I think there were 5 before I convinced myself of that). After I made that decision there was nothing to convince me otherwise. He never showed any interest in a woman besides his sister (and the sister bluff kind've convinced me as well). By the end of the movie I ended up being angry at him for being such a stereotype. (So like, insisting on being well dressed, and You know how "strong female characters" always make the 'you hit like a girl' joke?) I was genuinely surprised when he didn't come out at the end. It would have felt like a very 80s punch line