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  1. Sorry this is really bothering me! Billy Zane was NOT in The Mummy, that was Arnold Vosloo... Thank you
  2. KaraWhite

    Dead Still 2014

    Yea, I think he is a great actor, and I will definitely check out those movies thanks ... but yea the movie was bad and I will give Ray Wise credit, he really did good with what he had. Everything else about it was just meh
  3. KaraWhite

    Alien Private Eye !

    Yes, please
  4. KaraWhite

    Dead Still 2014

    PLEASE do this one! It has Ray Wise in it, I saw it months ago and omg, it was just bad. Great concept but the acting just completes it, the acting was horrible. Very fun to watch!
  5. KaraWhite

    The Watcher (2000)

    What?? Seriously? I didn't know that, wow. Honestly I kind of liked some of the film, but of course it wasn't the best. I would think maybe the guys would like to review it.
  6. KaraWhite

    The Watcher (2000)

    Starring Marissa Tomei, Keanu Reeves and James Spader. PLEASE do this one! You will have fun lol. I actually kind of enjoyed this film for what it is, haven't seen it in years and I'd like to try to watch it again soon. But this is definitely a good candidate. It's a bit ridiculous. Has anyone else seen this? If not you totally should!
  7. KaraWhite

    Rock of Ages

    YES! I also suggested this one. I hope they do it!