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  1. AlbinLundholm

    Episode 411 - The Phony Marony Show with The Thermals

    Damn The Thermals are good
  2. Central America isn't one of the 7th continents so Gino's right about Mexico, it's North America
  3. What what what what yes yes yes yes
  4. You have a syrup cooler at your workplace?! No wonder Americans are so fat
  5. What is he like a squirrel that likes to have sex with its food
  6. AlbinLundholm

    Episode 410 - You Know John Leguizamo

  7. Ever had a threesome?
  8. Happy birthday Hayes!
  9. You should've posted something like "ok I will never like my own posts, and if I do make sure to kill me" and then liked that very post to show how much of a badboy you are
  10. "...and a boy with a faulty birth that remains attached to his mother's vagina for life." Oh my god that sounds like the greatest scene ever
  11. AlbinLundholm

    Episode 409 - Man Brats

    Fuck you all this episode was great Ads were better though, please daddy Scott can we have another Sean and Hayes episode pleaseeeee
  12. Oh yeah and Lizzy don't feel ashamed about what you wrote, it was very poetic and beautiful (like me )
  13. Love Paul Brittain and Taran Killam but ads were better yeah
  14. Looooooooooooooved this ep
  15. THANK YOU Sean and Hayes for not insulting our intelligence. Duh we already know about owl.fm duh. It's the hulu of podcasting, it's 499 euros a month, use offer code 'handbook' to get the pro version whatever whatever WE ALREADY KNOW IT ALL
  16. It's alright, it's alright, it's alllllllright, god works in mysterious ways yeeeeeah
  17. AlbinLundholm

    Episode 409 - Man Brats

    You gotta laugh when listening to this ep
  18. So I'm sick and earlier today I almost fainted in the shower (naked ) it was not fun it felt like I was dying How was your day?
  19. AlbinLundholm

    Episode 408 - LIVE at SXSW 2016

    I've always wondered why PFT decided to do Len Wiseman in the first place, I had never even heard of him before I heard him on CBB
  20. AlbinLundholm

    Episode 408 - LIVE at SXSW 2016

    Too good of an episode, shame it ended