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  1. 2004's She Hate Me, a film about a fired corporate whistleblower who starts a lucrative business impregnating wealthy lesbians the "old fashioned way". It truly is the perfect film for HDTGM. Bonkers premise, lots of big stars in embarrassing roles. It features:


    -Bai Ling!!!!

    -Isaiah Whitlock doing his patented "Sheeeeeeeeeeet" line later made famous in The Wire

    -The most batshit crazy CGI sperm/egg conception sequences you will ever see

    -Kerry Washington, Monica Belucci, and the aforementioned Bai Ling are among the many lesbians

    -Woody Harrelson, John Turtorro, and Pro Football Hall of Famer Jim Brown in supporting roles

    -An extended flashback to the Watergate break-in for no clear reason (featuring Chiwetel Ejiofor!)

    -Did I mention the title was derived from the "He Hate Me" name that was famously on the back of one of the players in the short-lived XFL football league?


    Here's the trailer. Please, watch this movie!




    Damn. I'm sold.




    Island of Doctor Moreau


    Bad Lieuntenant! (it's a crazy movie. I don't know if it's really a bad one. but oh so much great Cage)


    The Happening (probably the worst movie I've ever seen)