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    EPISODE 336 — NOT Farts and Procreation 4

    I just wanted to say I needed this episode. Like many of you, Earwolf podcasts have gotten me through some tough times. Loneliness was always easier to deal with when I had my ear goggles on bumping Earwolf pod. The loss of Harris is something I think we feel as a community, but also in our own personal ways. Analyze Phish taught me to enjoy Phish and allowed me to relate to my brother-in-law (huuuge Phish Head) and many other phriends in a way that I never thought I would. I've loved Harris' appearances on CBB and Whooch and I can't imagine what the Earwolf universe would have been without him. Listening to this ep was incredibly bittersweet because it made me confront the idea of a comedy and entertainment landscape without anymore new tweets, jokes, scripts, or foam from Twittels. But the ep also made me laugh and smile in the unique way all the Farts and Pros have. The supercut of some of Harris' best moments at the end had me losing it in the best way possible and made me incredibly grateful for all the Harris material we are lucky enough to have at our disposal. Harris was right on the money when he said "motherfuckers just want to laugh" and he absolutely made this particular motherfucker laugh countless times. Thank you, Scott, for deciding to release this ep in a moment when so many of us motherfuckers really needed to laugh and celebrate a guy who was a straight up chiller that could make me laugh merely by sitting down after opening and slamming a creaky door. Harris, I'll miss you, man. Enjoy your continued journey through the cosmos and thanks for being our tour guide (sorry).
  2. AntonioBanderas2Mouth

    Episode 70 — Seth Morris, Our Close Employee

    On a re-listen of this episode I realized my favorite Seth Morris character is now his impression of Sean's impression of Hayes' impression of a Rasta man (presumably a brother). So I think technically that makes Seth's best character just a facet of the brilliance that is Hayes Davenport.
  3. AntonioBanderas2Mouth

    Episode 70 — Seth Morris, Our Close Employee

    Another episode for the ages from Sean and Hayes. In my attempt to give them back something for all that they have given me and the world, I've answered their call and recorded a theme song for "Eh, Wrong!" that you can listen to & download here: https://soundcloud.com/antoniobanderass2mouth/the-eh-wrong-theme-song I know it doesn't come close to being as good as the week's lowest track off of the "G.O.T.G.O.S.T." nor does it even approach the greatness of Hayes' and James Blunt's duet on "What I Got," but I tried my best to do the segment justice and I hope you all like it.
  4. AntonioBanderas2Mouth

    Episode 68 — Erin Gibson, Our Close Friend

    Loved seeing Sean on last night's ep of "Parks and Rec." Not sure if other Scoop Troop members picked up on this, but I think the episode was what's known in Hollywood as a "backdoor pilot" (not to be confused with Buzzfeed's proposed POV porno featuring renowned old guy Captain "Sully" Sullenberger that was also entitled "Backdoor Pilot"). If industry buzz is to believed, the episode mainly served to introduce a "P & R" spin-off about the tech company Gryzzl that will focus mostly on Sean's character (working title: "Beyond the Matty"). Really hope this pans out and that any potential producers have shelves ready for all the friggin' Emmys they'll win.
  5. AntonioBanderas2Mouth

    Episode 68 — Erin Gibson, Our Close Friend

    I personally love Sean's "What up, what up?*" at the top of each segment of the show (segment as in caterpillars or tapeworms). I love it so much, in fact, that I have begun to depend on it like one would depend on a service animal. Hearing Sean's dulcet tones ring out, "What up, what up?" assuages my fears, sends my anxiety level plummeting, and overall just puts me at ease. Not in some weird ASMR way mind you, but rather in a way that only comes with hearing the opening salvo of one of Hollywood's biggest heavyweights as he gets ready to set his vast listening audience ablaze in an inferno of truth, insider info, and harrowing tales of his Hollywood life. Now, don't get me wrong, I absolutely love Shaggy like every other red-blooded American male. I stay steady bumping "It Wasn't Me" and "Mr. Boombastic" and I definitely prefer his version of "Angel" over the trashy, derivative version cranked out by Juice Newton. Let's be honest, though: even Shaggy's trademark "Wogwam!" doesn't hold a candle to Sean's "What up, what up?" I want to therefore stand with Sean at this difficult time when so many have chosen to stand against him. "What up, what up?" isn't some throwaway line or catchphrase like "What's up, Hot Dog?" or "I have a dream." Those types of lines can easily be changed or replaced without impacting their overall effect on the listener. Sean's "What up, what up?" is not such a line, however. It is something akin to a mantra for us all. It is a rallying cry to all the members of the illustrious Scoop Troop to have our pens and paper ready. It is a motto for a Hollywood lifestyle so many of us only dream of. So I ask that you continue to let us dream, Sean. Please do not bend to the pressure of what I'm certain is only a few squeaky wheels. Now is the time for your inner strength to match the rippling, tanned musculature of your outer body. Do not fall or falter, Sean, for you and Hayes represent the best in us all. The world needs you to continue to utter your immortal phrase each week and I pray that you do not let us down. *It merits saying that I am unsure how to properly spell "What up, what up?" since I have not seen an official spelling released by Sean and/or Hayes or their respective camps. While I could take a stand and definitively say that "What up, what up?" is how the man himself would write it out, I simply don't want to hazard such a guess and end up in a debacle on the level of the "Right Stuff" vs. "Write Stuff" scandal that arose a few months ago. As such, I hope to stave off any criticism by saying I do not purport to know the correct spelling and defer to any spelling Sean may choose, be it "What up? What up?," "What up, what? Up?," or any other possible combination. The way it has been typed it in the foregoing paragraphs is only my best attempt at capturing the way Sean would like to see it in print.