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  1. I was so annoyed that they were doing this film, even half way through when I was like I don't remember that bit I was thinking: how dare they do this film. It's brilliant.


    The hacking wasn't that bad in it! Robert Redford was pretty good and oh I'm thinking of Sneakers

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  2. "You are a mental"


    is quite an English thing to say. I bet that wasn't a mistake.


    Also "I'm not a brain scientist" probably played for laughs to.


    I haven't seen this film but those lines don't seem out of place at all. Especially the brain scientist one. It's like "it's not rocket surgery"

  3. Don't know who the guests were for this but they came across as complete planks/ Its been a while since I listened to this one (I only just signed up) but I remember thininig they were talking complete bobbins most of the time. Made sure I would never listen to their podcast thats for sure. I think they cited Dalton as a shit Bond at one point!


    Anyway funny episode (well from thje regulars anyway). Weird hearing a Bond film get trashed, almost like they should be above the law!

  4. I've heard most of these podcast & this was probably the first time when I heard which film they were doing that I was surprised. I actually like Tango & Cash. Not like as in 'its a well made film' but enjoy. Not even as a guilty pleasure really. straight up enjoy it. Although I must admit a lot of the things they were saying were hard to argue against. But still!