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  1. Don't laugh too loud or my mom might yell at us!
  2. AndrewUren

    EPISODE 255 — An All New Era

    I think his stand-up album came out recently so he's been doing the Earwolf circuit to promote it
  3. I've been thinking of selling my belongings and living off the land, but I tried that five years ago and it didn't go well!
  4. Turn me up a little bit louder Engineer DJ, I can barely hear myself think!
  5. Bo Burnham. He's a hilarious genius who's practically a millennial!
  6. Top 3 Adomian Impressions (in order): 3. Paul Giamatti 2. Dov Charney 1. Tom Leykis Honorable mention: Christopher Hitchens Merrill Shindler Bernie Sanders
  7. Is that a carrot in your shorts or are you just happy to see me? Oh wait, that's just your penis.
  8. AndrewUren

    HTGM Question

    If I Were You, The Nerdist, You Made It Weird
  9. If cats have nine lives, mine must have gone through eight lives before I got him.
  10. "Not today!" said the lazy midget.
  11. They say the prescription for my fever is more cowbell, but I swear I can't swallow another one of those things.
  12. AndrewUren

    Analyze Phish

    Forgot that I even started this thread... Ugh, so sad RIP Harris
  13. One more time and I'm in the five timers club! Actually now that I think about it, I've never hosted SNL!
  14. What?!? No, i wasn't surprised, I actually couldn't hear you.
  15. AndrewUren

    Analyze Phish

    Does anybody know if Scott and Harris plan to continue the podcast? I know Harris recently got out of rehab but the show is hilarious and Scott still doesn't like Phish so it can't be over... I need to hear the thrilling conclusion, anyone else with me on this?