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  1. Don't laugh too loud or my mom might yell at us!
  2. AndrewUren

    EPISODE 255 — An All New Era

    I think his stand-up album came out recently so he's been doing the Earwolf circuit to promote it
  3. AndrewUren

    Most Awkward Podcast episodes

    It was pineapple
  4. I've been thinking of selling my belongings and living off the land, but I tried that five years ago and it didn't go well!
  5. Turn me up a little bit louder Engineer DJ, I can barely hear myself think!
  6. So I just started a podcast and I want to be able to play my intro/outro song while recording. Basically I just want to record everything at once and be able to hear the music in my cans so I don't want to have to go back and insert the songs or other audio in post. Also, I'm using Garageband if that helps. Thanks!
  7. Bo Burnham. He's a hilarious genius who's practically a millennial!
  8. Top 3 Adomian Impressions (in order): 3. Paul Giamatti 2. Dov Charney 1. Tom Leykis Honorable mention: Christopher Hitchens Merrill Shindler Bernie Sanders
  9. Is that a carrot in your shorts or are you just happy to see me? Oh wait, that's just your penis.
  10. AndrewUren

    HTGM Question

    If I Were You, The Nerdist, You Made It Weird
  11. If cats have nine lives, mine must have gone through eight lives before I got him.
  12. "Not today!" said the lazy midget.
  13. They say the prescription for my fever is more cowbell, but I swear I can't swallow another one of those things.
  14. AndrewUren

    Analyze Phish

    Forgot that I even started this thread... Ugh, so sad RIP Harris
  15. One more time and I'm in the five timers club! Actually now that I think about it, I've never hosted SNL!