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  1. melllvar

    nerd poker song

    Been meaning to do this for a while; I wrote a song about nerd poker! It's not quite as brilliant as Patton's but I hope you enjoy it: It's focused on the Blaine-era adventures. Nerd Poker Song by Mark Silverman 3/23/2015 Lyra oh Lyra what happened to you / you were the only voice of reason in this crew But a giant blue hipster hit you with his fixie / then he electrocuted you They gave you a potion, you turned into a zombie / you grew until you were a giant too You hugged the giant hipster and drained away his life / and wandered off into the land of blue we’re playing Nerd Poker, Nerd Poker, nerds up front and poker in the rear Houg Denning the master of illusion / look at how far you have come You started out performing at an open mike / now you're on the road you’re killing everyone There was a heckler at that open mike / you dirked him until he was dead and done Then you burned down the tavern and ran far away / it looks like you’re still on the run we’re playing Nerd Poker, Nerd Poker, nerds up front and poker in the rear When Winter began he was a regular man / at some point I guess he lost his mind He pinched his taint and yelled out whamdango! / and Winter came one or two times The crushed one of his balls, I’m still not sure why / he stuck a quarterstaff up his ass Then he took a dump in a giant’s car / I wonder how long Winter will last we’re playing Nerd Poker, Nerd Poker, nerds up front and poker in the rear Dag oh Dag he is so dark and sad / likes to think he is misanthropic But it’s hard to be afraid of a sharp and icy blade / when he bought all his clothes at Hot Topic Like his cousin Damien, he’s a follower of Judas / as such he always evil and defiant He used to spend his days in a graveyard digging graves / now he fills up graves with dead giants
  2. melllvar

    Character Drawings

    Here's some badly drawn curb-stomping action to tide you over until Gustaf gets off his lazy ass :-)
  3. melllvar

    Character Drawings

    Jesus fucking fuck. I think this was the most memorable image from the last episode. I can't put this one on twitter or I'll be arrested.
  4. melllvar

    Character Drawings

    Holy shit, take it easy on Winter's balls!
  5. melllvar

    Character Drawings

    I never know how to draw Winter. Can't remember his proper description. Anyway, good episode.
  6. melllvar

    Character Drawings

    Holy crap, it does look like a gibbering mouther. Nice call. Here's one:
  7. melllvar

    Character Drawings

    Another great episode. When does Dan get a new character? Maybe he could play a half-dinosaur, but only if he knew a lot about dinosaurs. Here's my Tree Octopus. He's probably supposed to be blue but I'm getting tired of making everything blue.
  8. melllvar

    Character Drawings

    In that case you should play a space invader.
  9. melllvar

    Character Drawings

    it won't be as awesome as AnimatedBeaver, but it's first!
  10. http://marksilverman.com/prettygoodplugsong.wav by Mark Silverman
  11. Drop your cocks and grab your socks! Then puts those socks right on your cocks. Then put those sock cocks in a box, close the locks and let loose the fox. If the fox picks the locks and opens the box with your sock cock, store the box inside Fort Knox. What's that? You've got chicken pox? Then go right back to bed, young man!
  12. melllvar

    Character Drawings

    Here's a sketch of the bear fight: