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    Does Nerd Poker change from early to later podcasts?

    Don't listen to it for the DnD. I have no clue how you can have played "for a decade now" and have absolutely no concept of how either dungeons or dragons work. Not 4th nor 2nd edition. It's all very hand-wave-y and full of home rules. I don't know how a 9th level wizard has only one copy per spell memorized, for example. I just stopped right when they went "what's the difference between an illusionist, a wizard and a sorcerer" and I'm positive that they won't figure that one out, because there is just no rules-savvy person in the group. You listen for the humour, the bigger story and the people involved. I'm up to episode 70something, just when Blaine took over, so there will be a break right there. I was laughing at all the random stuff they were joking about until now and think that'll continue on.