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  1. "What's on the dollar menu today?" Jesus.
  2. MultipleReferee

    Best Of 2016 - Vote Now!

    I can't imagine this next best-of not including the Del Toast, Daly the Pooh, and Fred Phelps scenes. Episode #222: (1:15 - 13:47) ​Twitter Suggestion​ - “Treadmill” - David Blaine and thigh sizes. Episode #226: (38:12 – 42:02) ​Let’s Talk Some More About That​ – Guy Fieri is intense in a commercial shoot Episode #227: (1:06:10 – 1:15:46) ​Twitter Suggestion​ – “Porch” – Attitude-driven apparel aka "suck shit" Episode #229: (48:18 - 58:59) ​Crap on YouTube​ - “Most Unparliamentary Language” – Politicians call each other childish, inappropriate names Episode #230: (18:23 - 31:52) ​Twitter Suggestion​ – “Do you have a foolproof plan on how to get away with murder?” – Del Toast scene Episode #234: (13:53 - 22:44) ​Audience Suggestion​ - “Goldfish” - A babysitter refuses to let a boy do anything that isn’t on his parents’ list aka "drink him" Episode #243: (1:12:13 - 1:30:36) ​Let’s Listen To Another Song​ - “Fuck Fred Phelps" Episode #244: (21:54 - 30:42) ​Question from Listener​ - "Where have you been that you shouldn’t have?” - Entering the forbidden part of the restaurant Episode #244: (30:50 - 37:36) ​Twitter Suggestion​ - “Mold” - Making sure your son eats his mold Episode #249: (2:10 - 15:50) ​Let’s Listen to Another Song​ - “Between The Moon & The Midwest” - A band that can’t emote Episode #249: (44:32 - 54:15) ​Let’s Talk Some More About That Song​ - Growing tired of gravity - Traveling to the future to find out what Mexican food will look like Episode #250: (53:39 - 1:04:16) ​Let’s Talk Some More About That​ - Are there any rape scenes in a Disney movie? - The Hundred Acre Wood gets extorted for its honey Episode #252: (30:04 - 39:13) ​Crap on Youtube​ - “Abstinence-Only Video Game” - Sex-ed video game encourages sex acts aka "yeah bro" Episode #264: (7:43 - 16:24) ​Intro Story ​- A Goofy Movie was inappropriate for Besser’s daughter - Only having experience with kissing the TV aka "dish"
  3. Very solid ep. Loved Diston's justifications during the murder scene, and Jess McKenna sounded much more comfortable the second time around on the podcast. Yeah, bro
  4. Thank you Coca-Cola.. ..for your gift of polar bears.
  5. No one does characters like the Huskman. This was a really fun ep.
  6. "Hi, welcome to Mr. Fart's Rape Machine." I'm almost tempted to initiate a scene that way. My goodness.
  7. MultipleReferee

    Episode 247 - Marilyn Monroebot

    I want (challenge?) Besser to do an episode with Rust, Hanford, and Cordero, just to see how well he handles the chaos that is sure to rain down upon us all.
  8. MultipleReferee

    Episode 246 - Live from DCM 18

  9. This might be my favorite Wild Horses episode. i4h is on a run where there are some really weird scenes being produced in every episode, and I for one can't get enough of that.
  10. MultipleReferee

    Episode 244 - Corked-up Porcupine

    Loving all the Mike Hanford recently. I wonder what an episode with both him and Paul Rust would be like. Could Besser maintain some semblance of coherence?
  11. Also, the Disney Shark Tank and especially Fred Phelps scenes are future best-of contenders.
  12. Jesus, Brett. I heard the first song and thought "Oh, great, he brought a CD in." Unreal.
  13. MultipleReferee

    Episode 241 - Guess the Bigfoot

    Will Hines' awkwardness knows no bounds. "What's gup girl?" Scene.
  14. MultipleReferee

    Episode 239 - The Best of Music Vol. 2

    Thank you for the blowjob bye. Really though, that Frank Turner song is probably my favorite musical performance on i4h. ENERGY.
  15. Loved all the callbacks/connections in this one. They all felt pretty natural, which gave the ep a very authentic "shared universe" feel -- reminded me of the Deranged Penguin trio of episodes from a little while back.