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    Steel (1997)

    Yeah, and Judd Nelson is the best actor in the film that also features Shaq's over-emoting eyebrows, the slowest chase sequences ever filmed, the studio feeling the need to remind everybody Shaq is a basketball player by referencing to it every other scene, including a scene where life or death depends on Shaq making a basketball placed shot. Shaq is so awkwardly goofy and looks so incredibly funny in the full costume, I don't see how an exec didn't look at him and pull the plug. Who actually thought this film could be a hit? That being said, it's absolutely hilarious.
  2. DanielMoseley

    Steel (1997)

    Was just watching this movie and wondering how it has never been one of the movies on the show before. This film is laughably bad and I seriously can't imagine how anybody involved in this thought it was a good idea. I hope to see this film on HDTGM soon.