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    Please come back Marissa and Ms. Listler. Please.

    Same! I need my jamz (with a z - and a backslash) womped soon. I'm the same age as Jessica and Lennon, so the late 80s and early 90s references get me like nothing else. Umbros!
  2. doobette78

    EPISODE 392 - The Holiday Womptacular

    I loved Mantzoukas slipping out of character to ask Seth if he plans to pitch his anal pillow on Shark Tank, and then Scott asking him if he wants to practice his pitch. "That darn prolapsed anus - I can't find a comfortable seat anywhere!"
  3. doobette78

    Womp It Up Guests....

    What about Melissa Rauch/Lennon as Kimmy and Katie Wong? They make a delicious Jap tea... People I'd like to see come on and do a character: - Zach Woods - Thomas Middleditch - Casey Wilson - Keegan-Michael Key - Bobby Moynihan
  4. doobette78

    Has WIP been B.A. Baracused?

    My jamz have not been womped in close to a month - have Wompler and Listler been B.A. Baracused again? I still relisten to old eps and their CBB appearances, but I'd love to meet more of the insane people wandering the halls of Marina Del Rey Public High!
  5. doobette78

    "What's Cheesin' You?" Theme

    That song's okay...
  6. A martini rimmed with Old Bay seasoning and a shrimp garnish exists! (I took a screenshot of it, but it's not uploading here. But it's real!)
  7. doobette78

    Episode 10 — Mac & Me

    The actor who played Eric (wheelchair kid) was the only one who did a decent job in this. And that's not saying much. I'm thankful that I did not have to pay to watch this movie - it's THAT bad. I was 10 when this came out in 1988. Not sure HOW I missed it, but I'm glad I did - a bit too old at the time for its target audience, maybe?