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    EPISODE 124 - Hackers

    The outfit Zero Cool was wearing in Acid Burn dream that red latex number I've also have seen that in a cheap porno movie from Valley girl called "sexy latex lovers"
  2. A thought running through my head during the listen to another beat down of my child hood movies. Because the April O' Neil from the first movie (Judith Hoag) was recast with Paige Turco in "secret of the ooze". Can we assume this take place in a different parallel universe (or in the case of part three) a multiverse timeline in which Casey Jones (Elias Koteas) come back with butch hair cut Turco. if this is the case then that is way some of the voices of the turtles sounded different from the first movie. After all have any of YOU been to a different timeline would you sound a bit off then in your universe. Also it would explain why Casey Jones wasn't in the second movie because in this turtle-verse Casey doesn't exist or isn't fighting crime. As would in the third movie where Keno wouldn't exist in the turtles lives but Casey & April (Turco) do. Then again I have to bring up Casey's & April at the end of the first movie we assume they began their relationship happy ever after love, but in this multiverse that relationship never happen nor didn't happen in the third movie.