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    EPISODE 116 — Top Dog: LIVE!

    I don't know why my brain convinced me to be worried to expect something else, but I got overwhelming comfort knowing that even in bootleg form, Zouks and June are as Zouksy and Juney as can be. As soon as Zouks says "We hate you." and June muses "OR THE DOG IS HIS DAD!" I breathed a sigh of relief.
  2. A comment: I loved Marc's, "I'll be in the wardrobe? In the spare room? That's the end of my reference level?" Normally so unflappable, I like when I see the gaps in amazing intellect. A question: It may be a silly one, but was the improv performed, like a regular show? As opposed to the "regular" studio episodes where everyone is sitting?
  3. SamuraiPanda201

    EPISODE 105 — Safe Haven

    Anybody else catch that moment where Eliza laughs (I think at a Zouks line) and it's a dead ringer for a June laugh? I have to re-listen to find the moment, but I swore it sound like her for just that instant. Great episode!
  4. SamuraiPanda201

    Mantzoukas Moments

    I'm a big fan of Mantzoukas antagonizing the audience. But sometimes, it's also great because there feels like there's a sense of justice when he calls them out? I loved when he ripped on the audience member in the last episode, the live Deep Blue Sea, when the audience member sassed Paul before his question, "First of all, it's Dan..." "HEY DAN. WE DIDN'T ASK FOR YOUR NAME." Love Zouks.
  5. SamuraiPanda201

    EPISODE 104 — ZARDOZ 2

    Ever since they touched on it in the hundredth episode and in a couple others since then, I'm a bit obsessed with the fact that June and Jason don't remember these movies after they've done the episode. I don't remember every movie I've ever seen exactly, but I don't just completely forget 100 movies. Granted, they have far more important things to keep in their minds, but I am just absolutely fascinated by this fact. I feel like Paul would agree with me. He seems to clam up when the other two bring it up. I think he remembers more, but that could also be because he has to "live" with the movies a bit longer than the other two? I don't know, but I just think it's curiously funny.
  6. SamuraiPanda201

    Patron Saint of HDTGM?

    First post! (I know, what a brag.) In honor of JumpTheShark (RIP), and its patron saint, Ted McGinley, I got to wondering who might best be the avatar of the HDTGM anthology of movies. Initially of course, you have the usual suspects: Stallone, Cage, JLo, Pacino, Travolta, Schwarzenegger... Names synonymous with bad movies and the podcast in particular. Going this route, I'd have to go with either Stallone or Cage, not only because of their quantity of work, but also their quality of it. Stallone is unbelievably bad in unbelievably bad movies. Cage at least is spirited in a not quite so disastrous way while appearing in unbelievably bad movies. But I was also thinking of going another possible route for it; what if the Patron Saint we all eventually chose was someone who was amazingly good in a terrible movie? Essentially three episodes in a row as of late have featured the panel praising the transcendent performance of a star in a terrible film: the great Gene Kelly in Xanadu, the fantastic Dolly Parton in Rhinestone, and the wonderful Emma Thompson in Junior. But who deserves top spot? I guess that depends on whether you think Kelly agelessly gracing through an aimless Xanadu, Dolly carrying an overwrought Stallone vehicle on her back, or Thompson carrying the comedic weight of an uneven film where she shouldn't be responsible for that at all is the hardest task. Or do you guys think there is a worthier Saint deserving of canonization? I'm excited for the debate.