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  1. Wow, that was a really interesting read. Kind of an interesting look at the contrast between our two countries, even though they are bordering each other you managed to note some interesting similarities and differences. Too bad this podcast couldn't do that, even with two guests from countries that should be quite different from our own. Maybe because your post wasn't being punctuated with Jack going "yeah but what do you think of boys? They're icky right?" Yeah I know, broken record. Jesus, he even tried to push his own cultural "everyone is the same" stuff when the Japanese woman tried describing how she was amused by crying men. "Oh my god that's so mean" Or you know, maybe that was one of those cultural differences you acted like you wanted to learn about. Maybe the idea of masculinity being bad is more of an American thing. Nope, why would anyone want to dig deeper into that?
  2. I can't wait to listen to the podcast, I honestly hope it's better than the last. That's not snarky or sarcastic, I do want to love this podcast again. My hope, you mention the fact that other countries don't exactly share our super sensitive PC obsession. I'm kind of expecting you to skip that one, even though the comments from non american viewers on your "super racist ads" video kind of showcases it. Probably not though, because that might interfere with the idea that america is super racist and sexist and hateful and the rest of the world is either awesome or just innocently ignorant. EDIT: Oh gosh, I stand corrected, what a great podcast. Jack has such an amazingly diverse collection of women to talk about how dog like men are. Such a fascinating outside look at our american culture. Men are dogs. We cry too much. We are obsessed with masculinity. Yeah, wow, never heard any of that before, so glad you brought in people from other cultures to say what we would certainly never here (let alone constantly hear) from american women. So glad I listened to this instead of just drinking bleach and watching the view.
  3. What a shock, so a female who basically enslaves and mutilates men is ok to praise as some badass hero. Talk about an obvious double standard. Cracked is such a hateful little shithole anymore. Jack obrien would never allow a guest to bring in a story about a guy who viciously enslaved and mutilated women, took one as a wife by force, and created a cult like code of ethics while praising that person. "She's a badass, I love her" yes because when a women does it to men, it's heroic. I'll say it again. Never expect sympathy. PEople like you contribute to this cruel cold abusive world, don't be surprised when it turns around. If a man hits a woman who "cheated" then he's a monster, if a woman mutilates a man for "cheating" then she's a hero. Cracked is so proud of celebrating that double standard and revel in the suffering of victims of female abuse. It is so proud of itself for carefully stepping around the feelings of women and making sure they feel good and superior in all ways (Jack even flat out claiming that all bullies are men in a past episode) while making it clear that males are worthless and their victimization is a joke at best. Oh, and just as icing, they end that fucking story with a little comment that women had it so rough back then. Yeah, I guess that always must be the takeaway. If a woman does awful things, just remind everyone that women have it worse and she was just under lots of stress. Nobody even has the fucking guts to say anything mean about a woman who murders her own children and then herself. Oh no, not her fault, she had a sickness. Notice nobody does that shit for males who commit the same fucking crime.Is it clear by now that it's never been about equality for these fuckers?
  4. Way to strawman. Yes because women have it so bad. You people "whine" about the wage gap but nobody bothers to talk about the fact that men are way more likely to die on the job. The lesson? A woman's paycheck is more important than a man's life. I'm not asking for special privileges or even equallity. I'm just telling you that you have made it clear that our lives have no value so why should we act like anyone else's life has value? You want to make it a struggle? Ok, let's see who wins, again.
  5. I didn't "take his side" I compared two racist people to make a point. Again, you rely on arguing against things I never said because you have no response to my actual point. You said I defended a racist. Show me where I defended trump or any other racist. Stop trying to move goalposts and just prove your claim. No, it seems you didn't listen to the podcast. Saying there is no "white heritage" is the same thing. What he described applies to all "races" because race is an artificial construct. If "you are white if your skin is white" was his point then he wouldn't have brought on a "white looking person" and labeled her as "black" just because she has black ancestry. The fact that he only applies his logic to one "race" is what makes it racist. No, you are just strawmanning "conspiracy theorists" to hide from reality. Not all conspiracy theorists believe "Obama is a muslim" and BTW not all conspiracy theorists are conservative. The idea that they have any less "evidence" then what was used for their ace of bases theory is just insane. "He use to be a nazi" is about as much evidence for it being a nazi band as "he was in skull and bones" is for Bush being illuminati or a satanist. Both are equally grounded in reality. Read your own definition. I didn't say any paticular ethnicity should be killed. Mass killing in general is not genocide. Note the "geno" part of that word, fool. Geno, genetics, as in killing a group based on genetics. I endorsed no such thing. Every "point" you try to make is based on lies because you are incapable of disagreeing while staying honest. You haven't shown where I endorsed genocide or defended a racist. You can't because I didn't do either. Maybe YOU should keep up. They absolutely have accused the trend of being racist and sexist. I actually agree with them, it is racist and sexist to only cater to one race or gender. Hence my point that they are not above that rule. You keep calling me racist. Show me a single racist thing I have posted here. I backed up my claim that jack was racist, do the same. Show me one racist thing I have ever said here. Right, he said it's a white guy fantasy. I said that's clearly not true. Revenge stories are not exclusive to white people. You seem to think that omitting the word "exclusively " somehow negates the point. It doesn't. You rely on lies to get your point across, hence why you again accused me of defending a white supremacist with absolutely no evidence. I could just as easily accuse you of defending a white supremacist.
  6. I never defended a white supremacist. If you need to lie then it kind of proves that you have nothing to stand on here. I never said she can't call herself black. JACK OBRIEN said that you are not white if you have a single non white ancestor. He's saying that if you have mostly white ancestors but then one "other" than your race is that "other." It's called the "one drop rule" and it's absolutely racist. If you need to argue against points I never made to defend a podcast you didn't listen to, you have issues. You missed my point. I didn't say the Nazi stuff wasn't there, I pointed out that they mock conspiracy "nuts" for doing the exact same thing they did. No, I didn't endorse genocide. Genocide is the mass killing of a people based on paticular genetics. I didn't target any race or genetic type. Again, you lie about what I said because you apperently can't argue with what I actually said. A lack of diversity may not be racist to you but cracked has argued that it is racist and sexist in the case of movies and video games. Try to keep up. So if his parents are Canadian that makes him white? Pretty sure he's partly asian. According to Jack's intro, that makes him non white. Again, keep up. I wasn't saying he wasn't white, I was exposing how jack likes to pick and choose when his racist logic applies. I never said there were not more white guy revenge movies. There are more white guy movies in general, I pointed out that revenge movies are not specifically for white people as jack was clearly claiming. You are relying on strawman arguments to defend a racist, which, by your own logic, means you are probably racist. If you can't reply to anything I actually said, don't bother quoting my posts that you refused to read.
  7. Oh btw, I love the passing mention of John wick as a mad white guy movie. So Reaves is white? So what are the rules to that stuff? Also,revenge movie is not just a white guy thing as jack so quickly claimed. The fucking equalizer came out at about the same time.
  8. And this is the website that loves to mock "conspiracy nuts" for analyzing media in the exact same way. I guess it's OK to find secret nazi propoganda now cus jack said so. Maybe they're right. Maybe the world would be better if we just started wiping people out. If race is the only way to inspire people to do it, so be it. Btw, look at how many non white people cracked employes. Funny how they can point the finger yet they are too afraid of black people to let them be the majority or even in equal numbers as the white writers. Maybe they are afraid they would form a criminal element.
  9. So "white people" don't exist because we don't have all white ancestors yet somehow you still call mixed race people black? So basically, you are so "non racist" that you now believe the one drop rule. Just like how you are so "not sexist" that you insist that bullies are never female. People like jack Obrien make a hate monger like Trump loom more and more appealing. Your both narcissistic morons out of touch with reality, so I might as well back the one offering me more privilage. We're all just circling the sun anyways, might as well just take whatever you can and destroy anyone you want since nobody is going to see past some simplified talking points.
  10. deadlyfox

    Highlander II: The Quickening (1991)

    What's your point? The movie is bad because it's not completely simple? No, being able to die doesn't mean they must be mortal. The idea of beheading an immortal to kill them isn't new. Vampire lore alone backs me up on that. You remind me of the people in the boondock saints thread, trying to present a pretty basic story as some complicated mess. There are immortals who are driven by a desire to kill each other for the grand prize. Btw you kind of spoiled the movie for people who haven't seen it. What a class act you are.
  11. deadlyfox

    Highlander II: The Quickening (1991)

    yeah I hate that old line that people parrot. No good movie games, except the Warriors (one of my favorite ps2 games, it's fucking amazing) ridick, scarface, wolverine origins, mad max, the James Bond series, and the Disney snes games. Really, they could use the same odd logic to say that all games with psychic powers sucks because mind jack wasn't good. Seriously, get the warriors. The Rockstar games one. It's actually better than the movie and completely builds that universe. Between missions, the Oracle radio lady describes your last "rumble" using the slang/sports code. It's so fully developed and detailed.
  12. deadlyfox

    The Specialist

    I have a "double feature" DVD thing with both movies. So weird. I actually found this thread searching "assassins" so that's kind of funny. Both are absolutely hdtgm worthy.
  13. deadlyfox

    Bad Joke

    Northeast isn't a state or a city. Also, new York is in the northeast part of our country. Not saying he's from new York but your comment is just so weird. It's like there's a glass of 7 up that somebody mistakes for water so you say "that's not water, it's clear liquid."
  14. deadlyfox

    Bad Joke

    Wait a minute, people died? Gosh, that changes everything. Funny how nobody bitches about Hiroshima jokes or comparing characters to real life serial killers and such. Nope but we can't dare make jokes about an event that you happen to arbitrarily give a shit about. Why are you listening to a podcast where they discuss maximum overdrive? Don't you care that so many fathers and mothers were killed in real vehicle accidents?
  15. they talked about the wire.