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    EPISODE 223.5 — 3/13/15 TWO CHARTED 162

    Kulap's intro voice sounded exactly like Lauren Lapkus' Todd voice.
  2. Reset Smith SA

    Best moment since Blaine became DM

    Someone needs to compile a glossary of Blaine's obscure references.
  3. Reset Smith SA

    Much love.

    I heard about the podcast way late and just wrapped up a marathon. I'm both happy to be caught up, and bummed that now I have to wait (this generally falls under the # territories of #FirstWorldProblems and #CheckYourPrivilege). Regardless, I love the show, and I've been spreading the word wherever I can. http://imgur.com/a798ydU Fuck Blue Land.
  4. Reset Smith SA

    EPISODE 336 — NOT Farts and Procreation 4

    Oh, man, this was sorely needed. The montage at the end was a great sendoff. I've never felt so moved after a Hitler joke :') Thanks so much, guys.