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  1. I don't have a Itunes, can I like or leave a comment somewhere that will help out? Other then here I mean.
  2. Hairy1701

    EPISODE 120 — Break In By NightFall

    Another great one! Did Ken say he was on an episode of Facts of Life? I want to hear more child star stories from Ken.
  3. Hairy1701

    EPISODE 117 — Blainal Beads of Force

    Another great episode guys, Im expecting many traces of sleeping golden giant dong next week, they look great on the fridge. ;-)
  4. Hairy1701

    EPISODE 116 — Blue Worm

    Double Taint Pinch 10/10 would pinch again. LOL
  5. Hairy1701

    EPISODE 116 — Blue Worm

    I remember that as two separate actions right? He didn't pinch his taint with the hand that was already inside his anus? Becouse that would be creative even for Rick. Please tell me my memory is wrong. LOL
  6. Hairy1701

    EPISODE 116 — Blue Worm

    Great episode! Rick was awesome, way to shake it up, fuck those blue bastards. If the team manages to take out these two blue dicks, they might be able to level up to a point where they can engage more giants without pissing themselves... Not that pissing themselves isn't an appropriate response, I just think killing a giant while covered in ones own piss might be kinda badass. Again great episode guys.
  7. Hairy1701

    EPISODE 115 — Tying the Rope

    Another great one guys! Fucking giants! Am I the only one still holding out hope that the golden giants might not be giant golden dicks?
  8. Hairy1701

    EPISODE 114 — Looking For New Friends!

    LOL Im gonna Trace yo dick, trace yo dick, trace yo dick
  9. Hairy1701

    EPISODE 114 — Looking For New Friends!

    Laughed so hard when the sing along started, another great episode guys! That tree Octobusee was awesome!
  10. Hairy1701

    Does Nerd Poker change from early to later podcasts?

    I was really sad when Sark left his DMing has inspired me to DM myself. For that matter Jerry and Sara's departures were sad aswell. I won't lie Blaine's style took awhile to get used to after almost 75 episodes of Sark, but I've come to like both styles. Blains more casual kinda of jump in there thing, works great for a short game session, and Stark's for when you have an afternoon to enjoy some real interactive story telling. But to come on here and just blast a wall of text explaining how stupid this show is , is the hight of trollishness... 2 Inspiration points for good roleplay. Everyone plays DnD differently that's the beauty of it.
  11. Hairy1701

    Episode 113 — Biker Giants are Dicks

    I was starting to get bored of giants, not after this, that was awesome. Bye Lyra you will be missed! Great episode guys.
  12. Hairy1701

    Episode 112 — Red Afro

    Thanks Dan! Can't wait to listen. Keep up the great work.
  13. Hairy1701

    Episode 112 — Red Afro

    Thanks AnimatedBeaver, I hope this is just the beginning. 112 episodes has given me tons of inspiration for DMing, I feel like I'm gonna kill the fellow newbs I'm playing with, by getting them in over thier heads, but we're all learning as we go. Can't wait till tomorrows episode... They do come out on Wednesdays, right?
  14. Hairy1701

    Episode 112 — Red Afro

    Hello fellow adventurers! Just finished bingeing the entire show, what a ride! Great job everyone. I haven't played since I was twelve, and that was basically reading the Robotech RPG and thats it. Now 18 years later, thanks to Nerd Poker, I managed to set up a three man team I get to throw giants and goblins at as the GM. Our first game lasted 8 hours, and it felt like no time at all, so much fun! Keep up the great work. P.S. For me all the changes that happened awhile back are still fresh, so Id like to say, Sara, Sark, and Jerry, you will be missed. Dan and Steve you guys are great keep it up!... Ken, Brian, I didn't mention you yet, so there you go... Oh and BLAINE, more commercials!