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    Food, eating, the theater.
  1. "Guests: Brett Rader, Josh Sargent" So I just hallucinated Katie Goldin then?
  2. SarahShay

    Ask Paul!

    How did you choose the show's Latin motto: Semper in praesenti?
  3. I endorse your scheme! I feel like getting a plugs theme on the show enters you into an exclusive club. We need t-shirts or something.
  4. SarahShay

    "That's a Good Plug"

    That plug theme's okay.
  5. SarahShay

    Ask Paul!

    I tried asking about the show, but my queries about the fate of the Cockney Underpants Sprite went unaddressed!
  6. SarahShay

    Ask Paul!

    We're all thinking it, so I'll be the one to ask: Did you see the video that Liz (Solipsistic Fibrosis) made about Spontaneanation, parodying your song "It's Paul F. Tompkins Time" from the old days of Comedy Death Ray-dio? It's a really adorable homage to your storied career. One of the coolest works of fanart I've ever seen. Potentially related question: Do you ever get flustered or discomfited by fans, or feel like they're making too big a deal about you?
  7. SarahShay

    Ask Paul!

    Alternately: Will the Cockney Underpants Sprite ever return?
  8. SarahShay

    Ask Paul!

    What does "amity" mean?
  9. SarahShay

    Surfy Plugs

    *coughs* You might want to upload your file to SoundCloud. That's how they asked for the files to be shared. Just make sure it's downloadable
  10. Ahahahaha, YES. When Scott sang "Bad Baloney" on that ep I busted out laughing. Solid reference.
  11. SarahShay

    The Ol' Plug Segment Rag

    Thanks, earpanther! If nothing else, I've achieved the singular distinction of having more than one page in my plugs theme thread. Achievement unlocked?
  12. SarahShay

    Plugs Submission

    Short, sweet, and to the point. Nice!
  13. SarahShay

    Plugs theme

    That's a long song! That is a long song. That song's okay.
  14. SarahShay

    The Ol' Plug Segment Rag

    Another week, another great plugs theme from an awesome person who commented in this thread. *looks wistfully out of the window and sighs dramatically*
  15. SarahShay

    First timer!

    Congrats, dude!