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  1. AndyReichel

    Episode 227 - Double Dragon: LIVE!

    At the end of the movie Robert Patrick inexplicably has shit all over his shirt. It's at the part when the one Lee brother possesses his body.
  2. Thought the exact same thing.
  3. I'm with Paul and Casey. This movie was disturbing. And Problem Child >>>>>>>>> DDF
  4. AndyReichel

    Episode 218 - Deadfall (w/ Chelsea Peretti)

    Here you go! https://www.britannica.com/topic/carom-billiards
  5. AndyReichel

    Uninvited (1988)

    Just saw this movie, so bump for a good one! Uninvited would make a great double-feature with The Carrier (also 1988), in which a disease ravages a small town, and the townfolk herd cats to throw at anything that might be contaminated. Good melt movie, ala Street Trash.
  6. AndyReichel

    Episode 174 - Jason X: LIVE!

    I think the computer system that regenerates body parts just made an educated guess based of the body matter. The hockey mask is essentially a part of Jason at this point, so that figured in the regeneration, hence the armor.
  7. AndyReichel

    Episode 165 - Ninja Terminator: LIVE!

    Love that Steve Hillage's Green album was featured heavily during the final fight scenes.
  8. AndyReichel

    Episode 159 - Sleepwalkers

    Here's that expletive-laden song that officer Andy was singing in the car. I thought it was made up gibberish, but my Canadian wife informed me that it's a real song, and she grew up with it playing in the house. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DAp7FvZ5Opw
  9. AndyReichel

    Episode 143.5 - Minisode 143.5

    Just watched Stealth. This movie was pretty much Team America, with fuel zeppelin rape and LOTS OF APPLES. I was hoping the apples were going to come into play...
  10. Was I the only one excited that the cab driver was the guy from the Polly-O String Cheese commercial? https://youtu.be/BG7273yDpdA
  11. AndyReichel

    Rad (1986)

    Great flick.
  12. AndyReichel

    The Carrier (1988)

    CATS OR DEATH! I just watched this last night. It is AMAZEBALLS. Inanimate objects cause people to melt, so a small town covers themselves in bubble wrap and herd cats. It's really quite good for such a low budget. I think June would lose her shit to this.
  13. AndyReichel

    Episode 130.5 - Minisode 130.5

    I would love if they did Warlock! I watched Southland Tales for the nth time last night. I would love to hear HDTGM's take on that clusterfuck.
  14. AndyReichel

    Episode 129 - The Apple: LIVE!

    The track Where Has the Love Gone lifts the melody straight from ELO's Look at Me Now from their 1971 debut.
  15. AndyReichel

    Episode 125.5 - Minisode 125.5

    I watched the Rifftraxx version. Made it way more tolerable. Cocaine, it's a hell of a drug.