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    Live Handbook @ UCB Sunset?

    oh, i love when i read the first post of a thread, come back to the thread for a different purpose, and forget to re-read the first post of the thread. thanks friend.
  2. Shrek & Donkey Kong

    Live Handbook @ UCB Sunset?

    hey guess what i slept on buying a ticket and now it's sold out OOPS. if anyone has an extra tic, i will gladly buy it off of you
  3. Shrek & Donkey Kong

    Suggestion -- 'Before' Trilogy

    First off, I'd like to say that I'm ecstatic that the wolfpop forums are gone. They were garbage, and now I have a non-Hollywood Handbook reason to post on the Earwolf forums. The Before Trilogy should be in the Canon, no doubt about it. Linklater's visual style with DP Lee Daniel is subtle, but in no way underwhelming in these films. The tracking shots during the walk-and-talks are absolutely beautiful, and the screenplay of Sunset may be the most perfect thing I have ever read. The films summarize Linklater's vibe perfectly, with the passage of time of course being the most important factor. When I first saw the trilogy, I was coming off of Slacker. When they get off the train, and meet the two guys promoting their play in Vienna, I thought that the films would be this couple going around Europe meeting interesting people, but I was not disappointed by the three films being of two people talking.
  4. Shrek & Donkey Kong

    Favorite and least favorite movies in The Canon

    Favorite: The 400 Blows Least Favorite: Blade Runner Favorite Out: Manhattan
  5. Shrek & Donkey Kong

    Live Handbook @ UCB Sunset?

    yes it's a real thing, and the previous two were a blast.
  6. Shrek & Donkey Kong


    Thanks for creating this thread, I was scared to talk too much about it in my Slacker response. Everybody Wants Some really worked for me. Am I a white 21 year-old college student who used to play baseball? Yes. Do I smoke pot? Sure. Do I absolutely adore upwards of ten Linklater movies? You know it. So take my review with a grain of salt, and hopefully I can talk about the big picture stuff, even if there are better people than I to discuss it. Linklater knows how to create moments better than any filmmaker working. I think the scene towards the end, on the lake as the main character Jake (a rarity for a Linklater ensemble) is talking about his personal statement essay, comparing his life to Greek mythology, but more importantly, he is also listening. That is what makes the last scene of Boyhood so god-damned potent. That boy had strictly one-sided conversations with his girlfriend in high school, and now, in college he is ready to listen and conversate like a more mature person. In Everybody Wants Some!!, Jake is all ears for 116 minutes. When people in this movie talk about how they were the best in their high school at baseball, acting, or whatever, and are now being shown up by all of these more talented people, it provides a motivation as to why even the most cocky characters will set aside their egos and listen to what just about anybody in this movie has to say. Now, here's where it gets problematic. Why are we only listening to what a woman has to say for that one scene? Because this is a movie about a baseball team. Could there have been more women creating actual dialogue with the players? Sure. I think if Linklater made a longer film, and didn't want it to be a comedy, and truly stuck to the idea of it being a spiritual sequal to Boyhood, I think we would see lots of these dudes having real conversations with developed female characters, or at least ones that have names. But maybe that's another movie that we'll get in the future. In high school, the seniority circle-jerk which is portrayed in Dazed is very two-sided, which is shown by the gender division in that movie, but in college, it's not like the baseball team and the softball team are meeting up at parties after hazing their freshman players in different ways. I think it's important to talk about problematic representation in any film, but I don't think it holds Everybody Wants Some!! back from being a truly great film.
  7. Shrek & Donkey Kong

    Episode 71: SLACKER

    Great episode. I'm totally Team Devin on Everybody Wants Some, it's my favorite 2016 movie thus far. Slacker is such an easy yes for me, it's crazy. The funniest art film I've ever seen, a film that really challenged me the first time I watched it, and the defining film of Linklater's hangout style. My first viewing did not go over well, I thought it was boring and pretentious...good thing I held off Waking Life until I really was sold on Linklater by rewatching this. The way Linklater moves the camera in this film is as good as any (save for the Before trilogy). Devin talked about Linklater not wanting to show the big moments in his films. I love how Slacker shows these moments that are adjecent to the big moments in these characters' lives, or even for these wondering slacker characters, they are the big moments, and that's the point.
  8. Shrek & Donkey Kong

    Suggestion -- 'Before' Trilogy

    Just a note to those who love this trilogy and live in Los Angeles/nearby....The Aero in Santa Monica is showing the Before trilogy in full on friday, with the first two being 35mm screenings.
  9. Shrek & Donkey Kong

    Homework: Slacker (1991)

    That's the point though, this is a film in the genre of comedy. I'd never watch three minutes of conspiracy theory anything if it didn't have any irony to it.
  10. I think I'll make the full switch over to THE CANON's board soon, now that it's on the earwolf forum. This section is dead. RIP Hollywood Handbook Forums, and long live Hollywood Handbook, the podcast.
  11. Shrek & Donkey Kong

    Homework: Slacker (1991)

    So stoked for this episode... The Criterion DVD is generally cheap. I got mine for $12 iirc. It also comes with It's Impossible To Learn To Plow By Reading Books, which is....difficult. Also Woodshock a documentary short by Linklater and his DP for the first 2 before movies + boyhood, Lee Daniel. Great stuff, fun interview with Daniel Johnston. I've been waiting for a Linklater episode for so long, and with Everybody Wants Some and Dazed fresh in my head, It's a good time to rewatch Slacker. Then again, it's always a good time to rewatch Slacker.
  12. this is the day that guests usually come and record an episode, right? well, i'll be offline the rest of the day, so without knowing who the guest is, here are some POPCORN GALLERY QUESTIONS 1. Guest, how does it feel to bring your podcasting career to its absolute peak? Are you gonna stop podcasting after this? 2. Guest, any tips for a guy just tryna do his thing in this crazy world?
  13. this post troubled me all afternoon
  14. i downloaded it and remembered how much i hate pete holmes. i can usually hate-listen to 40 minutes of any given episode of that show, but Aaron Rodgers talking seems like paint drying so i avoided listening.
  15. i could love an infinite amount of podcasts. i love about 12 podcasts.
  16. or as one of your beloved doughboys would say, hut dog go bathroom
  17. I trained one of my dogs to go outside when I say "hot dog go bathroom". the other one is taking longer than I thought.
  18. baseball spring training -- reminds me of when randy johnson talked to a little birdie... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FCNZg2xwl54
  19. Also, dick jokes on hollywood handbook make me more giggly than weed jokes.
  20. oh, i didn't realize i started a pro-version tradition
  21. Great episode. The Lincoln Lawyer twist was a perfect example of a mid-2nd act turn in screenwriting, thank you Hayes and Sean. Roman Sounds (Howl Exclusive) coming when?
  22. his picture is fine, you just need to turn off safesearch
  23. Shrek & Donkey Kong

    Episode 126 - Julie Klausner Again, Our Close Friend

    Jerrod said that he had just seen a Klan rally earlier, and Scott said "no that was just Hayes, Sean, Joe (Wengert) and I".
  24. Shrek & Donkey Kong

    Episode 126 - Julie Klausner Again, Our Close Friend

    Hayes and Sean mentioned on today's CBB -- Scott kind of referred to them as Klan members?
  25. Shrek & Donkey Kong

    Episode 126 - Julie Klausner Again, Our Close Friend

    see this, folks? this is a quality post. shape up or ship out, newbies.